Reporter Explains Why Kwon Mina Keeps Attacking Shin Jimin + Kwon Mina Was Unprofessional During AOA Promotions

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It has been more than a year since the bullying scandal of former leader and AOA member Shin Jimin (hereafter referred to as Jimin) went public, with Kwon Mina (hereafter referred to as Mina) claiming to have been bullied by the former idol and having suffered mentally and physically. Since then, Jimin left the group and retired from the entertainment industry, living a life out of the spotlight.

More recently, back on September 8, Dispatch published an exclusive report of a 128-minute long transcript and text messages between Mina, Jimin, and the AOA members. With the release of the Dispatch article, the bullying scandal is starting to take a different turn.

Reporter Lee Jin Ho Explains Why Kwon Mina Keeps Attacking Shin Jimin 

On September 10, former entertainment news reporter Lee Jin Ho uploaded a new video on his Youtube channel, titled, "Choa gave up.. The reason why Kwon Mina only attacks Shin Jimin," in which Lee Jin Ho analyzes the reason as to why Mina keeps attacking Jimin and has ill-feelings towards the former AOA leader.

In the video, Lee Jin Ho gives three reasons on the issues surrounding the two former AOA members.

Before beginning the video, Lee Jin Ho first explains that there is a growing number of individuals who are being hurt because of Mina's actions, and that he wants to prevent anything from happening further.

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Kwon Mina
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Kwon Mina

"There are a lot of acquaintances who want Mina to quit social media and get proper treatment. But once again, I am not here to criticize Mina, but I want everyone to look objectively at the issue," said Lee Jin Ho.

Lee Jin Ho then explains that he received testimonies from witnesses and from staff members who have worked with AOA.

"Throughout the whole controversy, Mina has been claiming herself to be a victim. However, the staff members and officials claims that she is just another individual," said the reporter.

Kwon Mina Revealed to Have Lack of Professionalism

Lee Jin Ho also says that Mina would make staff members go on personal errands for her, and would get enraged if things didn't go the way she wanted. "The staff members have complained about Mina's lack of professionalism," said Lee Jin Ho.

He then mentions a time from when AOA performed in Malaysia back in 2018, but Mina was unprofessional, according to the staff members present with the group. At that time, Mina did not perform on stage as she claimed to not be in good condition, such as feeling ill and having migraines.

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Kwon Mina
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Kwon Mina

Mina eventually went to the hospital and sat out AOA's performances due to her condition, with the rest of the members having to adjust their choreographies in a hurry.

However, the following day after the performance, Mina was seen enjoying her time at the hotel, swimming, and getting a massage. AOA's agent in Malaysia even complained to the group's label.

It was also revealed by another staff member that Mina was insincere during the filming of singer Jang Bum Joon's "Every Moment With You" music video, and that she was also unprofessional.

In the music video, Kwon Mina had a short scene that shows her walking down the street, but staff members said that she couldn't do the scene as she complained that she didn't feel well due to lack of sleep. Staff members also said that the director had to film the scene more than five times.

Lee Jin Ho said, "Whenever Mina caused problems, the AOA members hardly came forward to rebuke her. It was Jimin who stepped up as a leader to correct her. This made Mina particular dissatisfied with Jimin."

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AOA Mina
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Kwon Mina

He continues, "Choa had stated that Mina doesn't listen, so Jimin had to say things harshly as the leader. It seems that Mina was hurt and felt as if she was being bullied during that time."

Lee Jin Ho then explains that Mina would often get rebuked for her unprofessional actions by Jimin, and this was what caused her to start having ill-feelings towards the AOA leader, and leading her to continuously attack Jimin for the past year.

"I don't want to ridicule Mina for saying it's hard. But it's a problem to blame Jimin for ruining her life and blaming others for everything," concluded Lee Jin Ho.

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