Kwon Mina Responds To The Dispatch Report - Reveals The Truth

On September 8, a media outlet Dispatch revealed in an exclusive a 128-minute long transcript and a series of text messages between former AOA members, Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin, that narrates what happened from 2020 up until now.

After the article was released, Former AOA Mina immediately returned to Instagram to personally address the earlier report by "Dispatch."

AOA Kwon Mina, Jimin
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Mina started with a greeting and she described herself as having been continuously stirring due to poor judgment. She also stated that she will be living as her honest self. However, she was just pretending to be tough and she was acting obnoxious. That is why she temporarily deleted her Instagram account.

Former AOA member Mina tells it all with her Instagram post

She continued that there is a real reason behind all this. She promised in her post that she won't tell any lies, including bad and shocking words. She said that she sent emails and left her number to the reporters at Dispatch after reading the article.

Because of the report, she decided to talk a little more from her perspective. She recalled what she had said in the chat and who she texted. She didn't know if it was whether the FNC team leader, manager, or someone from Jimin's family tipped the chat.

Regardless of who it was, Mina just wanted to reveal the entire conversation, together with her chat with manager Kim, from beginning to the end.

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Kwon Mina clarifies the Dispatch report about her and Shin Jimin

The article by Dispatch says that Mina received an apology more than a hundred times. She asks if ever there is CCTV, the one who holds it should reveal the video and audio from start to end. The manager and the team leader who were especially close to Jimin were recording when they came to Mina's house.

She then opens up about the indoor smoking incident. She says that she has witnesses and receipts, and she paid 300,000 won ($258.00) as a fine and she apologized after cleaning up the room with a letter. She then stated that she wasn't notified that it has a non-smoking policy.

Kwon Mina Embroiled in an Indoor Smoking Controversy + Drew Concerns for Her 'Problematic' Behaviors
(Photo : Mina (Naver))

She ends her post by saying that she is trying to take a break from Instagram. She says that she realized that her actions were wrong and she knows that she has to get treated and try to be a better and brighter person. She expressed that she is already frustrated and it seems like she is falling apart.

She concludes by saying her apology even if it won't resolve any misunderstandings.

After publishing her explanation, Kwon Mina deleted her Instagram account once again.

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