These 10 K-Pop Idols are Student President Material

From September 2 to September 16, StarPlay held a poll asking their users to vote for the K-pop idol that is the most student president material. Keep on reading to see who made the top ten!

The winner of this poll will win one Seoul Station CM board video advertisement and online PR through news articles written by several South Korean media outlets.

10. fromis_9 Baek Jiheon

Baek Jiheon
(Photo : Baek Jiheon Instagram)

Sitting at the tenth place is fromis_9's vocalist and maknae, Baek Jiheon! fromis_9's honey maknae received 9,806 votes, which is approximately 0.41% of the total votes tallied. Among the members, Jiheon is often hailed as the smartest member of the group.

9. THE BOYZ Juyeon

(Photo : THE BOYZ Twitter)

Juyeon, THE BOYZ's main dancer, vocalist, and visual, ranked ninth place on this poll. He received 10,400 votes, which is approximately 0.44% of the total votes. Coincidentally, when he was in elementary school, Juyeon was actually the student committee president!

8. STAYC Sumin

(Photo : STAYC Instagram)

STAYC's leader, vocalist, and rapper Sumin ranked eighth place in this poll. Sumin received 11,093 votes, which is roughly 0.47% of the total votes cast. As the eldest member of the group and the one who trained the longest, it is no surprise fans see her as highly responsible.

7. WJSN Bona

(Photo : Bona Instagram)

Bona, WJSN's lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, and visual, ranked at number seven. This female idol received 18,470 votes, which is roughly 0.78% of the total votes. She would definitely be a responsible student president with how long she trained (seven years!)!

6. Kwon Eunbi

Kwon Eunbi
(Photo : Kwon Eunbi Instagram)

Kwon Eunbi, a former member of the project girl group IZ*ONE, ranked sixth. This soloist received 75,377 votes, which is approximately 3.19% of the total votes cast. As the leader of IZ*ONE, she proved how reliable and trustworthy she is. Perfect for a student council president!


(Photo : BTS Twitter)

BTS's leader and main rapper RM ranked at fifth place on this poll. He received 267,524 votes, which is approximately 11.31% of the total votes cast. In the past, RM has stated that he wanted to be class president while he was a student. However, since he started training at 16 years old, so he chose to focus on his trainee life instead.

4. TXT Beomgyu

(Photo : TXT Twiiter)

Beomgyu, TXT's vocalist, dancer, rapper, center, and visual, ranked fourth on this poll. He received 354,100 votes, which is 14.9% of the total votes cast. He became the class president when he was an elementary student after telling his classmates he would change the regular milk to chocolate milk. Sadly, he never managed to have the milk changed!

3. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun Woo
(Photo : Cha Eun Woo Instagram)

Third place goes to ASTRO's vocalist, visual, and face of the group, Cha Eun Woo. This male idol received 406,168 votes, which is approximately 17.18% of the total votes. Since sixth grade, Cha Eun Woo served as the student council president and continued to hold that position for years.

2. AB6IX Lee Dahewi

(Photo : AB6IX Instagram)

AB6IX's lead dancer, lead vocalist, center, face of the group, and maknae Lee Daehwi ranked second place! This runner-up reived 517,384 votes, which is 21.88% of the total votes cast. As the group's main producer, Daehwi has shown dedication that perfectly matches a student president!

1. NCT Jeno

(Photo : NCT Dream Instagram)

Taking the throne as the K-pop idol who is the most student president material is NCT's dancer, rapper, vocalist, and visual Jeno! The male idol received 694,243 votes, which is roughly 29.36% of the votes cast. As the winner, Jeno will have his own solo subway station ad and news articles written about him!

Did your favorite idol make the top ten? Tell us in the comments!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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