Exciting DC Releases Top 9 'Girls Planet 999' Participants People Want to Rank No. 1

Who are the current most popular Girls Planet 999 participants that Koreans want to rank first? In a recent survey, Shen Xiaoting, Cai Bing, Sakamoto Mashiro, and more were selected by internet users as strong contenders for the No. 1 spot! 

On September 20, Exciting DC (in collaboration with MyCelebs) announced the results for the polls that were conducted in the third week of September.

Among these polls, a survey with the theme "Who is most likely to win the No.1 rank for the second voting for Girls Planet 999?" gained attention from K-pop enthusiasts.

In particular, the survey was held from September 12 to 18, and among nominees, the Top 9 prospective for No. 1 among Girls Planet 999 participants were determined.

Shen Xiaoting Top the Rankings for Girls Planet 999 Participants People Want to Rank No. 1

Exciting DC Releases Top 9 'Girls Planet 999' Participants that People Want to Rank No. 1
(Photo : Shen Xiaoting (Instagram))

In the poll, Chinese trainee Shen Xiaoting was crowned as the most favored participant that K-pop fans want to secure the first place.

As a result of the votes, Xiaoting gained 38.01% of the votes. According to MyCelebs, the related keywords that were used to describe the idol trainee are "elegant" "innocent," "like a visual doll," "shining beauty," and "mature yet pure beauty."

In the show, Xiaoting immediately captured the attention of the crowd due to her stunning beauty and height. On top of that, her skills were also top-notch, particularly her dance and rap skills.

Prior to joining Mnet Girls Planet 999, Shen Xiaoting is an awarded ballroom dancer. Upon dreaming to become an idol, she initially joined China's "Chuang 2020," the spin-off of Korea's "Produce 101."

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CLC Yujin, Kim Chaehyun, Hikaru Ezaki, and More: Top 9 Girls Planet 999 Participants Who Could be First Place in the Next Voting

Exciting DC Releases Top 9 'Girls Planet 999' Participants that People Want to Rank No. 1
(Photo : Yujin (Mnet Instagram))

Following Shen Xiaoting, Choi Yujin of CLC ranked second with 21.91% of the votes.

Initially, Yujin gained attention for her story as to why she wants to join the competition despite being a K-pop idol already. However, as the show went on, Yujin was loved for showing various sides different to CLC Yujin.

Kim Chaehyun, who ranked 3rd in the survey, is also gaining popularity for her stunning vocals. Aside from this, Chaehyun was also said to be a former SM Entertainment trainee who could have been an aespa member.

After not making it into the lineup, she decided to join the show with the desire to debut.

Exciting DC Releases Top 9 'Girls Planet 999' Participants that People Want to Rank No. 1
(Photo : Cai Bing (Instagram) )

The fourth place was secured by Cai Bing, who became famous among K-pop enthusiasts with her viral TikTok videos. The Chinese trainee was then loved in the show for her confidence and strong charisma, particularly when dancing.

Kang Yeseo then succeeded at sixth place with 7.12% of votes. Although Yeseo already debuted as a K-pop idol and Korean actress, only a few can recognize her.

Upon joining the show, the Busters member's fandom grew stronger with her incredible skills despite her young age.

Exciting DC Releases Top 9 'Girls Planet 999' Participants that People Want to Rank No. 1
(Photo : Kawaguchi Yurina (Instagram))

Kawaguchi Yurina placed No. 5 then. Aside from resemblance with TWICE Momo, Yurina received praises for her idol-like visual, stable vocals, and dance skills.

In the first global voting, Yurina claimed the No. 1 spot, gaining about 4.5 million votes from 83 countries.

In sixth place, is Mashiro Sakamoto is a Japanese trainee who drew more attention after leading their group's cover of IZ*ONE's "Fiesta."

Exciting DC Releases Top 9 'Girls Planet 999' Participants that People Want to Rank No. 1
(Photo : Mashiro (Instagram))

Lastly, Ezaki Hikaru and Suruichi ranked No. 8 and No. 9, respectively. Both an all-rounder, the two are deemed as strongest candidates among the trainees. However, people are curious if they will be able to show their different atmosphere in other fields aside from their charismatic dancing skills.

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