These 9 Female K-Pop Idols Were Born to Dye Their Hair Blonde

Blonde is one of the hardest hair colors to pull off, but these nine female K-pop idols do so effortlessly!


(Photo : Rosé Instagram)

BLACKPINK member Rosé is known as the "blonde goddess" in the K-pop idol world. Despite experimenting with different colors, many agree that blonde and platinum gold is the hair color that truly matches Yves Saint Laurent's muse. Many people have compared the female idol to Rapunzel due to her long, flowy blonde hair.

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2. Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi
(Photo : Jeon Somi Instagram)

For her DUMB DUMB comeback in August 2021, Jeon Somi dyed her hair blonde and caused a fever on South Korean online community forums and social networks. Many were surprised the idol was pursuing a trendy, Western style, which was different from the styles she showed in the past.

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People believe Somi's Western visuals were perfect for blonde hair. With her Y2K styling and nude-colored make-up, Jeon Somi caught eyes no matter where she went.

3. Girls' Generation Hyoyeon

(Photo : Hyoyeon Instagram)

Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation is one of the female idols whose visuals are enhanced whenever her hair is dyed blonde. When she first debuted with the girl group, Hyoyeon was often criticized as the group's visual hole. However, those comments disappeared when she dyed her hair blonde.

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4. Girls' Generation Taeyeon

(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

Possessing a forever youthful face and milky white skin, Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon looks like a fairy whenever her hair is dyed blonde. Despite changing up her hair color often — as of the time of writing, her hair is pink — Taeyeon's blonde hair is often mentioned as one of her signature points.

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5. Red Velvet Wendy

(Photo : Wendy Instagram)

In 2019, Red Velvet member Wendy shook the K-pop community when she dyed her platinum blonde hair. This hair color highlighter her skin as fair as snow, as well as her big, round eyes. At the time, the idols had cut her hair in a layered bob, which only highlighted her beauty. Soon after, the "Wendy Cut" became a trend in South Korea.

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6. MAMAMOO Solar

(Photo : user-psd (Wikimedia Commons))

MAMAMOO member Solar is one of K-pop's underrated visuals, but everyone agrees that she shines with blonde hair! With this hair color, MAMAMOO's oldest member and leader is able to show off her charm and stunning beauty fully. People believe having blonde hair helps Solar stand out.

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7. Oh My Girl Jiho

(Photo : NIGHT FEVER Twitter)

Oh My Girl member JIho is as beautiful as a princess whenever her hair is dyed blonde. The beauty and charisma of the "Dun Dun Dance" songstress is raised to a new level just by changing her hair color.

8. TWICE Jihyo

(Photo : Jihyo Instagram)

When TWICE leader Jihyo showed off her stunning weight loss and newly blonde hair, many people could not help but praise the female idol's visuals. Many people agreed that the idol had a more Western look when she had platinum blonde hair, which suited her a lot. The color helped enhance Jihyo's powerful and seductive aura.

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9. LOONA Jinsoul

(Photo : BLUE MOON Twitter)

LOONA member Jinsoul made her solo debut with blonde hair, which perfectly matched her milky white skin. As she often wears heavy makeup when performing, people believe that her blonde hair only makes her look more attractive when on stage. Though the idol has black hair now, people hope she dyes her hair again soon!

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