Photo Showing Amount of Food Baek A Yeon Eats Resurfaces Online, Draws Mixed Opinions

A picture Baek A Yeon posted in 2019 that shows the amount of food she consumed is receiving plenty of attention on an online community, and many people are giving different opinions about it.

Amount of Food Baek A Yeon Consumes is Currently Receiving Attention and Different Opinions

On Oct. 18, a post titled "Amount of meal Baek A-yeon eats" was made on an online community. It immediately received about 800 views shortly after release. And in about three hours, the post garnered 50,000 views as well as mixed opinions from numerous individuals.

Baek A Yeon
(Photo : Instagram: @ayeoniiiiii)
Baek A Yeon

The post shows a photo that Baek A Yeon shared in the summer of 2019. It is known to be a picture she captured the first time she ate the organic diet provided by her agency, JYP Entertainment, in the new office building.

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What many users paid attention to in the post was the amount of food the female soloist eats. On the plate placed on a tray, the amount of rice and side dishes seem too small. There is also a plate of salad and a bowl of miso soup.

As of press time, the post already garnered more than 89,400 views and almost 1,000 comments.

Photo Showing the Amount of Food Baek A Yeon Eats
(Photo : Baek A Yeon Instagram Story)

In the comments, some users commented on how small the amount of food Baek A Yeon eats. Among the comments are: "It doesn't look like a meal, it's like just a bite," "How can I live by eating only that?" "Isn't it only for tasting?" and "Isn't it that if you eat like that, you will need to eat five times a day?"

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On the other hand, other users stated: "I eat like that too," "I also eat a little bit of what I want to eat," "You can eat like that if you're on a diet," "I can also eat less," and "Isn't this usually one meal already?"

Baek A Yeon
(Photo : Instagram: @ayeoniiiiii)
Baek A Yeon

It is known that Baek A Yeon was able to maintain her height of 162 centimeters and 43 kilograms in 2019, through the small amount of food she consumes.

What can you say about Baek A Yeon's diet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Baek A Yeon Makes Solo Comeback with Her Fifth EP "Observe"

On Sept. 7 at 6 p.m. KST, the female soloist returned to the music scene with her fifth EP, titled" Observe."

Baek A Yeon Observe
(Photo : Instagram: @ayeoniiiiii)
Baek A Yeon

Baek A Yeon's "Observe" was initially scheduled to be released on July 13 but it was postponed due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in South Korea.

Baek A Yeon's new EP consists of six songs including the title track, "0%," and its instrumental version. The original Korean title for "0%" means "What Do You Do When You Don't Want to Do Anything?"

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Among the B-sides, Baek co-wrote the lyrics for "So I Am Full of Thoughts These Days," along with writer

Baek A Yeon Observe
(Photo : Instagram: @ayeoniiiiii)
Baek A Yeon

"Observe" is Baek A Yeon's third music release since joining Eden Entertainment in 2019, after leaving her longtime agency JYP Entertainment when her exclusive contract ended in September of the same year.

She had dropped two singles under Eden Entertainment in 2020, such as "I Need You" and "Looking for Love."

Check out Baek A Yeon's '0%' music video here!

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