These Iconic K-Pop Dances Were Choreographed by YGX Lee Jung

Following her appearance on Mnet's "Street Woman Fighter," YGX member Lee Jung has become a household name among K-pop fans. But did you know that the dancer has choreographed for several top K-pop groups? Here are 10 iconic K-pop dances that Lee Jung made!


Lee Jung choreographed BLACKPINK member Lisa's debut single "LALISA." The song was released on September 10, and Lee Jung shared her version of the choreography video to the X Academy YouTube channel. In the video, she teaches other dancers how to perform the Lisa song.

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ITZY's "WANNABE" is one of their most famous songs, and it is partially because of Ryujin's iconic shoulder dance and the group's dance break. Lee Jung made the choreography, and the dancer shared her original choreography for the song back in 2020.


YGX's very own Lee Jung crafted (G)I-DLE's iconic summer song choreography. "DUMDi DUMDi" was released back in August 2020. While she never shared a demo video of her dancing, the dancer revealed she had choreographed the song on her Instagram Stories when the song was released.


While Lee Jung has worked on several TWICE songs, such as "Feel Special" and "I CAN'T STOP ME," "FANCY" is arguably one of TWICE's most iconic choreographies. Lee Jung revealed she worked on the song on her Instagram account, saying she had lots of fun working on the project as a choregrapher.

5. BLACKPINK Jennie - SOLO (Remix)

While Lee Jung did not choreograph the original "SOLO" choreography, she crafted the dance for the remix version, which Jennie performed during "BLACKPINK: THE SHOW," also known as BLACKPINK's first online concert. She shared the choreography video to the X Academy YouTube in March 2021.

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6. Chungha - Bicycle

Chungha's "Bicycle" choreography is considered catchy and slightly risky, but who else can pull it off other than Chungha? Lee Jung was one of the choreographers for the song, while Chungha edited the moves to help match her style more. Lee Jung shared a video of her dancing the song to the OFD Studio YouTube channel.

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7. iKON - RHYTHM TA (Kingdom Ver.)

For iKON's performance of "RHYTHM TA" on Mnet's "Kingdom: Legendary War," Lee Jung choreographed a new version for the group. Though she did not choreograph the original dance, she added more moves and enhanced the original dance to make it more suitable for the program.

8. ITZY - Mafia in the Morning

ITZY's April 2021 comeback song "Mafia in the Morning" was choreographed by Lee Jung. While JYP Entertainment edited the dance to better suit ITZY, the majority of Lee Jung's moves made the cut, such as the gun movements and the head shake in the chorus.

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Lee Jung not only choreographed Lisa's title track for her single album "LALISA," but she also created the choreography for her b-sidetrack "MONEY." The song was released on September 10, and a dance video was released on October 11. In addition, Lee Jung shared a class choreography video for "MONEY" on October 6.

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10. Jeon Somi - DUMB DUMB

Jeon Somi's hit solo song "DUMB DUMB" was choreographed by Lee Jung. So we have this YGX dancer to thank for Somi's iconic whistle and body wave choreography! Lee Jung shared a choreography video of the dance to the X Academy YouTube channel in August 2021.

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Know any other choreographies by Lee Jung? Tell us in the comments below!

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