Mnet Draws Flak for Exploiting 'Street Woman Fighter's' Popularity and Unfair Treatment of Show's Dancers

Street Woman Fighter
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Following the unexpected popularity of "Street Woman Fighter," Mnet is now being called out for exploiting the show and its dancers for profit. 

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Mnet Draws Flak for Exploiting 'Street Woman Fighter's' Popularity and Unfair Treatment of Show's Dancers 

On October 12 KST, JTBC released an exclusive report regarding Mnet's recent dance survival show, "Street Woman Fighter."

According to JTBC and several officials, due to the unexpected popularity and success of "Street Woman Fighter," the show's production team is working hard to produce a follow-up show. In fact, they have already opened all revenue channels that can be created from "Street Woman Fighter," such as producing additional content and releasing fancams of dancers that were not previously available.

Street Woman Fighter
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'Street Woman Fighter' dance crews

However, the show's production team is drawing flak for trying to rush projects. According to JTBC, the spin-off show of "Street Woman Fighter" called "Street Girls Fighter" - which is said to feature female dancers who are currently in high school - is being produced in a rush where prior consultation with the teams or dancers are not carried out properly, such as having sudden and frequent changes in schedules without prior notice.

An official reveals that due to the sudden schedule changes, dancers are being forced to cancel their schedules in order to attend Mnet's.

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"The notifications are being sent out to [the dancers] without any prior consultation. Since it is the schedule from the broadcasting company, they have no choice but to follow it. So they have to cancel their previously planned schedules and apologize instead," one of the officials said.

Street Woman Fighter
(Photo : Mnet)
'Street Woman Fighter' dancers

In addition, the dancers of "Street Woman Fighter" have made a guest appearance at "KCON:TACT HI5" earlier this month, and that discussions were being held regarding their collaboration stage for the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards this year.

Mnet Faces Further Criticism for Trying to Gain Profit Off 'Street Woman Fighter' Dancers

An official also mentioned how Mnet is excessively exploiting the dancers. "The positive effects of 'Street Woman Fighter,' such as improving the perception of choreographers, are clear. But the attitude of the broadcasting company to excessively exploit the topicality of the dancers' skills does not look good," the official said.

A close acquaintance of a dancer on the show also spoke up, saying, "There are many people who are experiencing being on broadcast for the first time, so there are difficulties in coordination, and it is true that sometime words just slip out."

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Another official also criticized Mnet for only thinking about their company, which led to the show's controversial editing and having made numerous mistakes in broadcasting, such as errors in subtitles, not knowing the dancer's name, editing things that covers the dancer's face, and more.

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