aespa Winter Gains Attention for Resemblance to Red Velvet Irene

aespa member Winter is attracting attention for her resemblance to Red Velvet member Irene in a recent performance. Keep reading for all the details.

aespa Winter Gains Attention for Resemblance to Red Velvet Irene
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aespa Winter Turns Heads for Resemblance to Red Velvet Irene

On November 14, aespa was one of the artists to perform at the World Kpop Concert. This is aespa's first concert with a live audience in their whole career, as they debuted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The SM Entertainment girl group performed their top hits, "Next Level" and "Savage."

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aespa's stage received positive reactions from internet users, who praised the girl group for their skills. In addition, the aespa members were commended for explosive performance and eye-catching visuals. In particular, Winter caused a fever on South Korean online community forums by surprising people with long, black hair.

(Photo : 첫눈에 반했다 @VirginSnow0101 on Twitter)

Winter ditched her black bob at the event and wore extensions, sporting traditional, long, wavy black hair. This is an entirely new look for Winter, and many loved how it looked on her. The idol boasted a feminine, luxurious, and charismatic look.

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People noted that in photo shoots or album jackets, Winter is often overshadowed by her members, such as Ningning and Karina, who have sharper features. However, when performing on stage, Winter is the member that stands out the most. This led people to theorize that she was still awkward posing in front of the camera but felt totally confident when performing.

(Photo : 첫눈에 반했다 @VirginSnow0101 on Twitter)

Not only does Winter have a good voice, but she also possesses confident expression, beautiful dance lines, and neat and clean moves. Winter's charm and talent are the reasons why she is attaining such popularity.

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Many were also surprised because Winter in this hairstyle bore an uncanny resemblance to a fellow SM Entertainment artist, Red Velvet member Irene! Following the event, a series of pictures comparing Winter with Irene was shared on several online community forums, attracting attention from internet users.

Irene Winter
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Some comments left by internet users include, "Winter looks like Irene during their 'Bad Boy' era," "It's amazing. With short hair, she looks like Taeyeon. With long hair, she looks like Irene. Winter is the member with the most 'SM genes' in aespa," and "In the past, I thought Winter was a copy of Taeyeon, but now I feel like she could pass off as Irene's sister."

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aespa Recent Activities

On November 4, it was announced that aespa would be releasing a cover of S.E.S's "Dreams Come True." The single is slated to be released in December 2021. Earlier that month, it was announced that aespa would participate in the 2021 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. They are the first K-pop group to perform at the event.

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On October 5, aespa released their first extended play, "Savage." The album contains six songs, including a lead single of the same name.

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