TWICE Chaeyoung Receives Praise for Visual Upgrade in Group's 'SCIENTIST' Era

TWICE Chaeyoung is garnering attention for her upgraded visuals during TWICE's most recent comeback era, "SCIENTIST."

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: TWICE Chaeyoung Receives Praise for Visual Upgrade in Group's 'SCIENTIST' Era
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TWICE Chaeyoung Applauded for Visual Upgrade in Group's 'SCIENTIST' Era

Every time TWICE makes a comeback, no matter the music quality or the chart performance, the group always receives attention from internet users thanks to the members' visuals. During promotions of their most recent release, "SCIENTIST," a TWICE member is receiving explosive reactions for her upgraded visuals.

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That member is Chaeyoung, TWICE's main rapper and sub-vocalist.

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A topic about Chaeyoung has recently received lots of up-votes and comments on Pann Nate, a popular South Korean online community forum. Many internet users commented on Chaeyoung's outstanding visuals during this comeback in the post. The female idol born in 1999 has always had a small face, big eyes, a high nose, and pretty lips, but her beauty was able to shine more this era thanks to her black hair.

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On "SCIENTIST" performance stages, viewers state they could hardly take their eyes off Chaeyoung!

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Internet users noted that in previous TWICE comebacks, Chaeyoung did not get as much attention for her visuals compared to her members. However, in this comeback, Chaeyoung appears to suit the concept for "SCIENTIST" perfectly, and her expressions on stage are considered the best among members of the group.

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Some even comment that their eyes are more attracted to Chaeyoung than Nayeon and Tzuyu in this er. The latter two are often considered the two visuals of TWICE.

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Some comments left by internet supporters include, "I have been following TWICE for a long time, but I rarely see people compliment Chaeyoung even though she is pretty. Chaeyoung's rap is good too. However, TWICE's music does not focus on rapping, so her talent is rarely shown" "From then until now, I like Chaeyoung's features the most. She is both cute and sexy!" "For me, Chaeyoung has always been beautiful. My favorite part of her is her eyes."

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TWICE Recent Activities

On November 12, 2021, TWICE released their third Korean studio album, "Formula of Love: O+T=<3," and its lead single "SCIENTIST." Upon release, the TWICE album debuted at the tip of the Gaon Album Chart. In the United States, the album debuted at number three on the Billboard 200.

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Prior to the release of "Formula of Love: O+T=<3," it was reported on November 10 that pre-order sales surpassed 630,000 copies. On November 10, it had surpassed 700,000 copies. This means this album is TWICE's most pre-ordered and best-selling album of all time.

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