T-ARA member Eunjung (Elsie) - 'I'm Good'

10 K-Pop Stars Who Are On Fire With Red Hair

Editorial 05.13.15 | 09:09AM EDT

T-ara's Eunjung dyed her hair red for her long-awaited solo debut, but over the top hair colors have long been an important part of K-pop with stars changing their locks just about every color in the rainbow. These idols in particular wowed their fans with fiery red 'dos.

sandara park and thunder

4 Stylish K-Pop Sibling Pairs To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Editorial 05.08.15 | 09:36AM EDT

For these well-dressed celebrity siblings, having 'good genes' is just as important as having 'good jeans.' Check out four pairs of K-pop brothers and sisters who prove that both talent and fashion sense run in the family.


April K-Pop Music Videos That Got Us Ready For Spring

Editorial 05.01.15 | 10:41AM EDT

Take a look at the bright and fun K-pop music videos that helped us usher in the spring season this past month.

Lobster Rolls

Eat Like A K-Pop Star: Chow Down On Lobster Rolls Like Yubin

Editorial 05.02.15 | 07:52PM EDT

K-pop stars are all trying to get their hands on Seoul's hottest sandwich trend, the lobster roll.

Are Holograms The New Media Frontier? YG Goes All In, Other Entertainment Companies To Follow

K-Pop Destinations: See Hologram Idols At A Japanese Theme Park

Editorial 05.02.15 | 07:10PM EDT

Huis Ten Bosch is a Dutch-themed amusement park in Japan that also happens to be serving K-pop's hottest hologram billing right now.

Block B subunit BASTARZ Color

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed April 2015

Editorial 05.02.15 | 07:28PM EDT

We take you back to April's biggest K-pop tracks in order to dissect the dazzling fashion trends that made the music videos pop, sparkle, and dazzle our imaginations.

Psy, Lee Seung Gi

Eat Like A K-Pop Star: The Kimchi Edition

Editorial 04.24.15 | 09:02AM EDT

Kimchi is the beginning, middle, and end of Korean food, and often the side dish that's paired with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here's a guide to some of the most popular varieties of kimchi.

Girls Generation (8 members)

Dating Generation: With Only 2 Members Not Publicly Dating, Girls' Generation Shirk Off Girlish Image

Editorial 04.20.15 | 09:23AM EDT

Six of Girls' Generation's members were revealed to have been in relationships in the past two years, showing a transition of the group's image from girls to women.

Lie to Me

K-Pop Destinations: Pretend You're A K-Drama Star Amidst Seoul's Cherry Blossoms

Editorial 04.18.15 | 12:20PM EDT

Cherry blossoms provide the picture perfect romantic backdrop for several K-drama kisses, and we'll show you how to see them in real life.

Jessica Jung

Celebrate Jessica Jung's Birthday With Her 10 Best Solo Magazine Pictorials

Editorial 04.18.15 | 12:13PM EDT

In honor of Jessica's birthday and newly-founded Blanc & Eclare brand, let's look back at Jessica's most stunning solo magazine pictorials throughout her musical career.


Hallyu How-To: The Best K-Pop Inspired Nail Art And Tutorials

Editorial 04.18.15 | 11:38AM EDT

Nail art is a super creative and expressive way to show your love for K-pop and your favorite idols.

Jessica for Blanc & Eclare

Jessica Jung's Fashion Brand Blanc & Eclare Stands Out As One Of Most Successful Celebrity Businesses In Korea

Editorial 04.18.15 | 11:43AM EDT

Jessica Jung's Fashion Brand Blanc & Eclare places 6th on a list of top celebrity entrepreneurship businesses.

Kim Jaejoong in 'Triangle'

5 Best-Dressed Male Characters In Korean Dramas

Editorial 04.11.15 | 12:11PM EDT

Last week we rounded up our favorite fashionistas in the KDrama realm, now it's time to focus our attention on the men who aced the style department.

Epik High US Tour

Epik High's Tour Announcement Via Snapchat Highlights The Social Media Platform's Growing Popularity Among K-Pop Acts

Editorial 04.11.15 | 11:56AM EDT

In addition to the YG Entertainment hip-hop group, miss A’s Min, f(x)’s Amber and BTOB's Peniel have also started posting public Snapchat updates.

MC Mong Tops 10 Online Music Charts With His New Album

Miss Me Or Diss Me: The Complex Post-Scandal Success Of MC Mong

Editorial 04.09.15 | 09:30AM EDT

While Korean music listeners may still be upset about MC Mong's military enlistment scandal, since his triumphant 2014 return with the album 'Miss Me or Diss Me,' the polarizing rapper is in demand now more than ever before.

'Winter Sonata' statue on Nami Island, South Korea

K-Pop Destinations: Stroll Through Nami Island, The Serene Backdrop For 'Winter Sonata'

Editorial 04.04.15 | 12:55PM EDT

It's the K-drama that put K-dramas on the map, and it's surprisingly easy to visit the picturesque setting where this epic love story unfolded.

Krystal in 'The Heirs'

5 Most Stylish Female Characters In Korean Dramas

Editorial 04.04.15 | 01:10PM EDT

These female characters, and the stars who played them, are spot on in the fashion department with wardrobes to make any girl jealous.


K-Pop Destinations: Follow In INFINITE's Footsteps And Visit Macau

Editorial 03.28.15 | 05:40AM EDT

It's Asia's gambling hub, but Macau has a lot more to do than just gambling (and a lot of opportunities to hear some K-pop).


From BTS To EXO, Weibo Accounts Become Popular Among K-Pop Stars Aiming For China

Editorial 03.28.15 | 12:22PM EDT

The recent trend of K-pop idols opening up Chinese social media accounts shows the importance of the Chinese market to the success of Hallyu stars.

EXO Exodus

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed March 2015

Editorial 04.01.15 | 09:08AM EDT

With so many clever and interesting music video concepts to choose from, which K-pop star took the fashion crown for the month of March?

amber instagram ramyeon

Eat Like A K-Pop Star: The Instant Noodle Edition

Editorial 03.21.15 | 01:17PM EDT

Instant ramyeon noodles are nearly as popular in Korea as kimchi is, and a favorite of many stars. Check out some of the best brands here.

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