New Girl Group G-Friend Draws Comparisons To Lovelyz And Girls' Generation

Uncovering The K-Pop: G-Friend

Editorial 01.26.15 | 05:31AM EST

What is it that makes the fresh new K-pop girl group G-Friend stand out from the rest of the crowd?

November Best Dressed MAMAMOO

Uncovering The K-Pop: MAMAMOO

Editorial 01.21.15 | 05:08PM EST

What is it that makes rookie K-pop girl group MAMAMOO stand out from the rest of the crowd?

SM Entertainment Goes Disney via KultScene

SM Entertainment Goes Disney [Blog]

Editorial 01.18.15 | 05:56PM EST

SM Entertainment and Disney have a surprising amount of similarities.

fan art

Giving Back To Idols: A Look At K-Pop Fan Art

Editorial 01.17.15 | 04:38PM EST

Fans across the globe are using all types of art styles to connect to their K-pop fandom and favorite stars.

BEAST Yoseob Reveals His Muscles During His Morning Workout

Exercise Like A K-Pop Star: The Best Workouts To Get As Fit As An Idol

Editorial 01.24.15 | 01:33PM EST

If you're looking for some variety in your workout routine, try staying fit like some of your favorite stars.

Ga In in

5 Best K-Pop Idol Parody Videos

Editorial 01.16.15 | 12:42PM EST

We've compiled a list of five of the best K-pop idol parodies, which made us laugh, cringe, and shake our heads.

FTISLAND is coming to New York City and Los Angeles.

Six Songs To Listen To Before Seeing FTISLAND Live In Concert

Editorial 01.15.15 | 12:07PM EST

Korean pop-rock group FTISLAND will deliver two U.S. performances, this January in New York City and Los Angeles.


Will Fin.K.L Ever Be Able To Rekindle Their ‘Eternal Love’?

Editorial 01.17.15 | 03:52PM EST

Will the famous first generation K-pop girl group ever be able to overcome their differences and make an appearance together again?

Clara Releases

Best K-Pop Celebrity Gwiyomis

Editorial 01.17.15 | 03:32PM EST

From Stan Lee to Shinee, no one can resist getting in on the gwiyomi fun. We've compiled some of the best celebrity gwiyomi vids here.


'Rhythm Is Life' From Dynamic Duo Rapper Gaeko Tops Our Editor's List Of The Top 10 Korean Hip-Hop Songs Of 2014

Old K-Pop 01.05.15 | 08:43PM EST

Though it was often overshadowed on the charts by the eye-catching flash and slick production of boy bands and girl groups, South Korean hip-hop had a great year in 2014.

ikon debut in 2015

K-Pop Debuts To Look Forward To In 2015 [Poll]

Editorial 01.02.15 | 09:58AM EST

There are some highly anticipated Korean debuts in 2015.

ZE:A Kwanghee and EXO Suho

K-Pop Christmas Greetings And Song Release Compilation

Editorial 12.25.14 | 08:35PM EST

Many K-pop stars have shared holiday greetings and Christmas songs to their fans.

Zhou Mi Instagram

6 K-Pop Idols That Recently Joined Instagram

Editorial 12.24.14 | 11:24AM EST

A list of 6 K-Pop idols that recently joined or rejoined Instagram!


5 K-Pop Web Videos You Should Stream Right Now, Part 2

Editorial 12.23.14 | 08:29AM EST

From makeup tips to an aspiring K-pop star's journey, check out some of our favorite K-pop web series to stream.

Won Bin's photo shoot posing as different personalities based on blood type.

Everything You Need to Know About Blood Types in Korea

Editorial 01.07.15 | 09:54AM EST

We explore the blood type phenomenon and whether or not your Type O or AB blood can determine the personality of your favorite K-pop stars.

KISS&CRY at SBS MTV The Show : All about K-POP - Feb 4, 2014 [PHOTOS]

4 K-Pop Idol Groups That Disbanded In 2014

Editorial 12.18.14 | 09:13AM EST

As the year comes to a close, a look back at which idol groups have left the playing field.

GD x Taeyang’s ‘Good Boy’ Music Video Viewed On YouTube Over 24 Million Times Since Being Released 1 Month Ago

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed Of 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 12.28.14 | 06:03PM EST

A month-by-month showcase of the most eye-catching comebacks of 2014!

The Ten Must-Have K-Pop Albums Of 2014

Ten Must-Have K-pop Albums Of 2014

Editorial 12.20.14 | 08:16PM EST

2014 was an excellent year for K-pop, with releases from Taeyang, WINNER, GOT7, EXO, 2NE1, Orange Caramel, and more.

K-Pop Inspired Gift-Giving Guide via KultScene

K-Pop Inspired Holiday Gift-Giving Guide [Blog]

Editorial 12.18.14 | 09:00AM EST

Looking for a gift for the K-pop lover in your life? How about for yourself? Here are some suggestions for the 2014 holiday season!

U.K. Magazine Dazed Calls Masta Wu’s ‘Come Here’ Featuring Dok2 And iKON’s Bobby 'As Imaginative As Anything We've Come To Expect From YG'

Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed December 2014

Weekly Wrap Up 12.31.14 | 04:55PM EST

Take a look at the best dressed comebacks of the month.

Girls' Generation's Sunny Wants GOT7's Jackson And KARA's Youngji To Become A Couple On 'Roommate'?

5 Breakout Variety Stars Of 2014

Editorial 12.16.14 | 08:04AM EST

Several stars impressed us with their humor and charm on Korean variety shows in 2014, but here are five that really stood out.

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