MBC Infinite Challenge – Last Broadcasting

Breaking News 03.13.18 | 09:13PM EDT

MBC main entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' will be broadcast on the 31st last. Whether to create 'Season 2' has not yet been decided, and the existing Infinite Challenge members will not attend the follow-up program.

Choi Soo Jong

"I'll do better" ... 'Sam Bed Different Dreams 2' Choi Soo-jong ♥ Hahiahra's tearful silver wedding

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.12.18 | 09:46PM EDT

On SBS 'Same Bed Different Dreams 2-You are My Destiny' broadcasted on the 12th, Choi Soo-jong and Hae Hee-ra, who had traveled to Laos for the 25th anniversary of their marriage, were portrayed.

Park Bo-gum

Hyori Lee 2, Park Bo-gum “A big laugh to the absurd charm”

Breaking News 03.12.18 | 08:55PM EDT

JTBC "Hyori Minbak 2" with the appearance of Park Bo-gum, recorded the highest audience rating.


Celebrity Couple: Lee Dong-Wook ♥ Suzy

Breaking News 03.08.18 | 08:50PM EST

Actors Lee Dong Wook (36) and Suzy (23) fell in love. The two have recently developed into lovers. We are overcoming the age of 13, and continuing the relationship.

big bang

Big Bang shows up to Fan

Breaking News 03.06.18 | 09:00PM EST

The big bang appeared at KBS2TV entertainment 'Let me sleep for one night' on the 6th.

New Star Couple: Park Shin-hye & Choi Tae-joon

Breaking News 03.06.18 | 08:52PM EST

Park Shin-hye (29) and actror Choi Tae-joon (28) are continuing their relationship for more than a year. According to multiple entertainment people, Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon are growing love for a year or so. They study at Chung-Ang University and developed their friendship as a colleague after their debut in the entertainment industry and became a lover.

G-Dragon's hot fashion sense

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.27.18 | 08:48PM EST

Big Bang 's G-Dragon joined the army on 27th, and his usual fashion sense is also a hot topic.

'Infinite Challenge' Kim Tae-ho stops direction

Music Show / Music Chart 02.27.18 | 08:42PM EST

Kim Tae Ho has been in charge of Infinite Challenge for 12 years from 2006. It has been said for him to get off, and it was discussed in early February.


Exo showed Perfect performance on closing ceremony of the Olympic Games

Concert / Event 02.26.18 | 11:07PM EST

Exo performed their hit songs 'Growl' and 'Power' at a closing ceremony held at the Olympic Stadium in PyeongChang on the 25th.


Big Bang leader G-Dragon will enter the “White Skull” Division at 27th

Breaking News 02.26.18 | 10:55PM EST

The group's leader, G-Dragon, Gwon Ji-yong (30), will enter the 3rd Infantry Division at 27th.

Oh Kwang-suk

“The Unit” Oh Kwang-suk was chosen as leader of UNB.

Music Show / Music Chart 02.24.18 | 07:23PM EST

On the 24th, KBS2 weekend entertainment 'The Unit', UNB members chose the leader. As a result of the vote of the members, six people selected Oh Kwang-suk as the final leader.


[Infinity Challenge] Legend H.O.T returned in 17 years

Headlines 02.24.18 | 07:12PM EST

On MBC 'Infinite Challenge - Toto 3' broadcast on 24th, H.O.T. Special release, H.O.T members gathered in 17 year and had performance in front of the fans.


EXO & CL Performance : Closing ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games

Headlines 02.22.18 | 07:06PM EST

The '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics' will end at the closing ceremony on the theme of 'the wave of the future' at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium on August 25th.


BTS Make History As The First K-Pop Act on 'The Ellen Show' (WATCH)

Hot Issues 11.28.17 | 11:07AM EST

BTS Make History As The First K-Pop Act on 'The Ellen Show' (WATCH)


SF9 Successfully Ends 'BE MY FANTASY' Tour In Boston With A Bang

Concert / Event 11.27.17 | 05:39PM EST

SF9's American Fanmeet tour, 2017 Be My Fantasy in USA, concludes its show in Boston, MA at the Wilbur Theatre. Here's a recap of what went on the night of November 19, 2017 (Here's a spoiler: it was full of hype, visuals, and unrivaled choreography.)


BTS Amaze The World With Their 'AMA' Performance of 'DNA'

Hot Issues 11.20.17 | 04:44PM EST

BTS Amaze The World With Their AMA' Performance of 'DNA'

Just Music

Just Music Crew To Take Over L.A. And New York This Fall With 'We Effect' Tour

Concert / Event 11.14.17 | 06:30PM EST

One of Korea's hottest hip-hop crews are coming to town to bring in the noise for fall.


Yulhee Leaves LABOUM - What Happens To The Girl Group Now?

Hot Issues 11.06.17 | 08:58AM EST

Yulhee Leaves LABOUM - What Happens To The Girl Group Now?


Yoo Ah In Receives Backlash For Negative Instagram Post About Kim Joo Hyuk's Death

Hot Issues 11.03.17 | 09:01AM EDT

Yoo Ah In Receives Backlash For Negative Post About Kim Joo Hyuk's Death


Was Kim Joo Hyuk's Death A Suicide Attempt?

Hot Issues 11.02.17 | 10:06PM EDT

Was Kim Joo Hyuk's Death A Suicide Attempt?


Kim Joo Hyuk's Car Accident Was Caused By Prescription Drugs?

Hot Issues 11.02.17 | 07:16PM EDT

Kim Joo Hyun's Car Accident Was Caused By Prescription Drugs?

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