Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway To Visit Korean Fans Soon!

Interviews 04.11.17 | 02:14AM EDT

Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway reveals on an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she will soon be visiting Korea to see the fans.


Dara Still Shy Around Celebrities Despite Celebrity Status? Dara Becomes A Rock Chic During 'Style X' Photo Shoot

Interviews 04.10.17 | 11:29PM EDT

Dara reveals that she is still shy around celebrities despite being a celebrity herself.

Gong Yoo

‘Goblin’ Star Gong Yoo Popularity Ablaze Makes It To CNN

Trending News 04.10.17 | 11:28PM EDT

The lead actor of 'Goblin' Gong Yoo interviewed by CNN "Talk Asia" later this month. The said interview is expected to air last week of April.

2PM's Taecyeon

Taecyeon Talks About Being Inspired By Kim Yun Jin In Interview With 'My Daily'

Interviews 04.10.17 | 05:53AM EDT

2PM's Taecyeon recently sat with My Daily for an interview an discussed how Kim Yun Jin boosted his self-esteem.

Lee Sung Kyung

US Fashion Magazine Dubbed Lee Sung Kyung As South Korea’s Gigi Hadid

Interviews 04.07.17 | 05:30AM EDT

Judging by her Instagram popularity, Lee Sung Kyung deserves to be in the same spot as Gigi Hadid, at least that's what W Magazine said about her.

2PM's Taecyeon

Taecyeon Speaks On Diet Methods & Military Enlistment: 2PM Singer Considering Role In Upcoming OCN Thriller Drama?

Interviews 04.06.17 | 06:33AM EDT

Taecyeon reveals his dieting methods on SBS Power FM "Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time". Will he take a role for OCN's upcoming thriller drama?

KNK & Highlight On MBC's

‘Weekly Idol’: This Is What Highlight Should Do To Survive In The K-Pop Industry, According To KNK

Interviews 03.31.17 | 08:26AM EDT

KNK pulls off seniority to rookie group Highlight in order to give them encouragement to survive the music industry.

Kangnam Revealed His Plan To Go Solo In An Interview With InStyle.

Kangnam InStyle Photo Shoot: Revealing His Plan To Release A Solo Album This Year + Hoping To Do More Acting

Breaking News 03.29.17 | 02:28PM EDT

Kangnam just a did a photo shoot for InStyle. Check out his interview here!

BTOB has close relationship with Highlight.

BTOB And Highlight Interview: Group's Close Relationship Revealed

Hot Issues 03.27.17 | 10:11PM EDT

BTOB recently did a photo shoot for Sports Seoul. Their close relationship with Highlight was revealed during the interview.


Apink Eunji's Depression: 'Hopefully Sky' Singer Reveals How She Recovered From ‘Depressive State’

Interviews 03.21.17 | 09:16AM EDT

Apink's Eunji admitted in her interview with CeCi that she once suffered from depression.

Suzy for

Bae Suzy Sexy Photos: 'Uncontrollably Fond' Actress Bares Her Back In Photo Shoot

Fashion & Style 03.16.17 | 12:51PM EDT

Suzy recently did a photo shoot for Instyle magazine. She also shared her experience in acting.

Go Ara talked about her hard time and her turning point in acting career.

Go Ara Shared Her Turning Point In Acting And Talked About Her Hard Times

Interviews 03.03.17 | 11:25PM EST

Go Ara debuted in a drama "Shark" in 2003. She then had a hard time as people didn't recognize her acting. But, she was sure about being an actress when she appeared in "Reply 1994."

Eric Nam revealed his plans in music for

Eric Nam Revealed His Future Plans In Music On Interview With 'Marie Claire'

Hot Issues 03.03.17 | 03:29AM EST

Eric Nam just had an interview with fashion magazine "Marie Claire."He revealed his further plan in music. Moreover, his collaboration with Tablo and Gallant was a great success.

Xiumin - EXO

EXO Xiumin Effective '4 Hours' Lose Weight Method: Here's his Diet and Exercise Rules

Interviews 02.01.17 | 11:38AM EST

EXO Xiumin Super Effective “4 Hours” Lose Weight Method Revealed Now! Want to follow it? Check it out here.

Actor Kim Joo-Hyuk and actress Kim Ji-Soo arrive at the opening ceremony of the 12th Pusan International Film Festival October 4, 2007 in Pusan, South Korea. The festival will showcase a total of 275 films from 64 countries, 193 of the which are world, in

Kim Joo Hyuk Was Visited By '1 Night 2 Days' Members And Shared His Thought Of The Hardest Time Leaving The Group

Stars on TV / Movies 02.01.17 | 08:40AM EST

Kim Joo Hyuk was visited by the members of "1 Night 2 Days" and he shared his thought when the hardest time leaving the group. It was when he had to leave the group chat.

Billboard Chooses I.O.I As Best New Kpop Group

'Be careful of men': SISTAR Gives I.O.I Members Advice On Older Male Idols

Interviews 01.31.17 | 08:56AM EST

SISTAR gives the young beautiful I.O.I members with a sound advice to stay away with older male idols.

Billboard Chooses I.O.I As Best New Kpop Group

I.O.I Pleads For A Comeback After 5 Years

Interviews 01.31.17 | 03:52AM EST

I.O.I want to come back again after 5 years! Learn here all the details.

Yoo Yeon Seok poses with co-star Seo Hyun Jin and their mutual friend, Lee Kwang Soo.

Yoo Yeon Seok Reveals How's It Like To Work With 'Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim' Co-Star Seo Hyun Jin

Interviews 01.30.17 | 07:17AM EST

The hit medical drama "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" might have already ended, but the experience is still fresh in Yoo Yeon Seok's memories. This actor who played as Doctor Kang Dong Joo in the drama reminisces how's it like to work with his co-star Seo Hyun Jin during an interview.

Jackson GOT7 for Instyle Magazine Korea on his instagram.

Jackson GOT7 Shows More Of His Hidden Personality In Interview With 'Instyle Magazine'

Fashion & Style 01.23.17 | 09:34PM EST

Jackson GOT7 is known for his funny side on variety show. He said on interview recently that he wanted to show his serious side in composing music more in the future.

AOA arrive for the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards at the Olympic Park on January 28, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

AOA Seolhyun Reveals Doing Extreme Diet to Maintain Her Body Weight

Interviews 01.03.17 | 11:26AM EST

AOA Seolhyun reveals that she has to do extreme diet by drinking deit liquid and cannot chew nor swallow food. She has to do it because the company make her do so and her body weight is checked every morning and evening.

Sohyun's first photoshoot after 4 Minute's disbandment.

Former 4 Minute’s Sohyun Shared Upcoming Show and Recent Hobbies

Interviews 01.03.17 | 11:24AM EST

After the official disbandment of Cube Entertainment’s 4 Minute last year, Sohyun shared her thoughts on working alone.

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