Girls Day

Girl's Day

Girl's Day Lands First Ever Billboard World Albums Chart Spot With 'Everyday #5'!

Headlines 04.07.17 | 04:52AM EDT

Girl's Day landed their first ever Billboard spot on April 6 with their latest album "Everyday #5"

Girl's Day on 'Taxi'

Girl's Day Members Argue On Who's Wealthiest on TvN's 'Taxi' [WATCH]

Trending News 04.03.17 | 01:42PM EDT

Girl's Day recently appeared on tvN's 'Taxi' and started arguing on whoever is the wealthiest among them.

How Girls' Day Guesting In 'Hello Counselor' Went Through

How Girls' Day Guesting In 'Hello Counselor' Went Through

Hot Issues 04.03.17 | 06:09AM EDT

Girls' Day has just had a comeback as they had been guest in "Hello Counselor". Continue to read on to know more details about the episode.

Girl's Day

Girl’s Day Shared Heartbreaking Road To Fame Stories On ‘Taxi’

Hot Issues 03.30.17 | 11:03AM EDT

Sojin, Hyeri, Minah and Yura were recently featured on variety show "Taxi." The girls shared some heartbreaking stories about their family and bitter struggle as a trainee.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day's Yura Has The Most Alcohol Tolerance, Reveals Hyeri During Showcase for 'Everyday #5'

Trending News 03.29.17 | 01:05PM EDT

Girl's Day's Hyeri reveals on 'Everyday #5' showcase that member Yura has the most alcohol tolerance among the group.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day's Comeback Updates: All Four Teaser Images Of Each Member Revealed

Hot Issues 03.23.17 | 07:55PM EDT

Girl's Day will have a comeback after eight months. Check out the update of their teaser images here!

Girl's Day's Hyeri to make a debut in a movie

'Water Monster' Cast News: Girl's Day's Hyeri Makes Movie Debut; Filming Starts After Group's Promotion

Trending News 03.20.17 | 10:31AM EDT

Hyeri of Girl's Day has been successful with her acting in many dramas. Recently, it was revealed that she will debut in a movie "Water Monster."

Girls Day

Girl’s Day Members Confirmed As Guests in JTBC’s 'Ask Us Anything' March 25 Episode

Trending News 03.14.17 | 06:03PM EDT

Girl's Day members, all four of them, has been confirmed to be appearing on JTBC's "Ask Us Anything" episode that will be aired in Mar. 25 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

Girl's Day

Girl's Day's Comeback Is Happening! Dream Tea Entertainment Confirms Girl Group's Return Date

Headlines 03.10.17 | 07:13AM EST

Dream Tea Entertainment announces Girl's Day's comeback to be on March 27.


Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Offered Female Lead Role in Upcoming Film ‘Monster’ About Real Event of Joseon Dynasty!

Trending News 02.28.17 | 02:49PM EST

Hyeri is studying a role in the upcoming film tentatively titled “Monster” based on a real event during the 22nd year of the Joseon Dynasty wherein apparently, she has received an offer for the female lead role.

Girl's Day

Girl’s Day Comeback Pushed on February

Headlines 01.26.17 | 01:00PM EST

Girl's Day comeback will not happen again this January, in the latest update, it might be in February.

Girl's Day

Girl’s Day Might Disband But Not Because Of Member Discord Says Hyeri

Hot Issues 01.15.17 | 07:31PM EST

Girl’s Day hyeri has talked about disband. However, she pointed out that it will never be because of a member discord.


K-Pop groups whose contracts will end next year

Headlines 12.28.16 | 11:04AM EST

Here is the list of Korean Groups whose contract are going to expire next year.

Girl's Day Sojin

Girl’s Day Sojin reveals she isn’t close to other female celebrities on 'V' app

Hot Issues 12.13.16 | 09:33PM EST

Girl's Day Sojin talked to her fans about not having any female celebrity friends on 'V' app. She said she didn't have an answer when a TV staff asked her which female celebrities other than Girl's Day members that she's close with.

Girl's Day comeback postponed

Girl’s Day pushes comeback to January 2017

Hot Issues 11.28.16 | 03:27AM EST

Girl's Day has once again pushed their comeback. This time, the members said they might comeback next year.

Groups That Have All Known Members – Girl’s Day, Mamamoo, SHINee

Groups that have all known members – Girl’s Day, Mamamoo, SHINee

Trending News 11.22.16 | 03:53PM EST

Three Kpop groups that have equally popular or all publicly known members – Girl’s Day, Mamamoo and SHINee.

Girl's Day's Hyeri and WINNER's Song Min Ho

Girl's Day's Hyeri And WINNER's Song Min Ho To Appear On SBS' 'Running Man'

Headlines 03.30.16 | 09:18PM EDT

Girl's Day's Hyeri and WINNER's Song Min Ho will appear on the 294th episode of 'Running Man.'

EXID's Hani

Trending K-Pop Stars EXID's Hani And Hyeri Of Girl's Day Update Fans Regarding Recent Health Scares

Hot Issues 03.09.16 | 09:24AM EST

The two stars each came down with medical troubles following hectic promotional schedules.

Girl's Day

Dream T Entertainment Reveals Earliest Possible Girl's Day Comeback Date

Headlines 03.06.16 | 11:30PM EST

Girl's Day previously had a comeback in July 2015, nearly eight months ago.

Girl's Day Hyeri Attends DEFAYE Launching Event

Girl's Day's Hyeri Courted As Female Lead In SBS Drama 'Entertainer'

Stars on TV / Movies 03.04.16 | 11:32AM EST

All eyes are on Hyeri as she considers her next project following the massive success of 'Reply 1988.'

Girl's Day Hyeri InStyle Magazine March 2016 Photos

Hyeri Is A Bare And Chic Fashionista In InStyle

Fashion & Style 02.19.16 | 10:25AM EST

Girl's Day member Hyeri starred in "Bare and Chic Fashionista" for the March issue of InStyle. The idol helped the magazine celebrate its 13th birthday with a photoshoot that followed a natural makeup and casual wardrobe theme.

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