'Weather Forecast Idol', Forecast through Dance

'Weather Forecast Idol', Forecast Through Dance

Stars on TV / Movies 03.16.12 | 08:18PM EDT

A girl idol group 'Weather Forecast Idol' that delivers forecast while dancing is becoming in issue.

Jay Park, G-Dragon

Guerrilla’s That Broke the Boundaries of Idol-Artist

Headlines 03.06.12 | 11:47AM EST

Korean pop music have changed the meaning of idol and artist. There are 'guerrilla' that are breaking down the boundaries between idol and artist.

1st Generation Idols Average Face?

Etc 03.05.12 | 12:47PM EST

The 'average face' of the 1st generation idols is catching attention.


After School UEE “I earn the most”

Headlines 02.25.12 | 07:05PM EST

After School UEE “I earn the most”


Yang Hyunsuk of YG: “No more groups like Big Bang”

Headlines 02.25.12 | 05:01AM EST

"No more groups like Big Bang”


Se7en, the Return of the King

Headlines 02.12.12 | 10:40PM EST

Se7en's smashing success


Hyun-Ah: Sexy yet Adorable

Headlines 02.05.12 | 10:40PM EST

Hyun-Ah flaunts her sexy and adorable persona

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