'Descendants Of The Sun' Season 2 In The Works For 2017?

Headlines 07.05.16 | 11:53PM EDT

The head of KBS's drama department revealed his plans in a recent interview.

Jessica Jung Returns As A Singer With Cover Of Sarah Bareilles's 'Gravity'

Jessica Opens Up About Girls' Generation Departure And Responds To Coincidental Solo Debuts With Tiffany

Headlines 05.22.16 | 10:53PM EDT

Jessica and Tiffany have both released solo albums this month.


SHINee Talks Individual Activities and Future Plans During Their Time in Chicago [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 05.16.16 | 10:57PM EDT

Thanks to SubKulture and SM Entertainment we were able to sit down for a few mintues with SHINee to talk about their current schedule, individual activities and their brief time in Chicago.

'Descendants Of The Sun' Star Song Joong-Ki Addresses Dating Rumors With Co-Star Song Kye-Hyo

'Descendants Of The Sun' Star Song Joong-Ki Addresses Dating Rumors With Co-Star Song Hye-Kyo

Headlines 03.31.16 | 12:46AM EDT

Joong-Ki also answers which co-star's character he is most attracted to in real life.

GFriend Preparing For Japan Debut Following Summer Comeback

GFriend To Prepare For A Japanese Debut This Year?

Headlines 03.26.16 | 11:39PM EDT

Currently in their second year, GFriend is already planning on debuting in both Japan and China.

Lee Hi Dishes On Dating Restrictions In YG Entertainment,

Lee Hi Dishes On Dating Restrictions At YG Entertainment, 'Others Have Been Caught Secretly Dating Before'

Hot Issues 03.17.16 | 02:57PM EDT

Surprisngly, Lee Hi has apparently never been in a relationship or even come close.

GFriend's Agency CEO Says Sexy Concepts Are Out Of The Question, 'GFriend Will Never Do A Sexy Concept.'

Source Music CEO Says GFriend 'Will Never Do A Sexy Concept'

Hot Issues 03.13.16 | 10:20PM EDT

Sexualized styling is out of the question for the popular K-pop girl group, according to a recent interview with Source Music CEO So Sung Jin.

Tablo Didn't Tell YG That Shinee's Jonghyun Composed Lee Hi's Title Track

Jonghyun's Involvement On New Lee Hi Single Kept Secret From YG Chief By Tablo: 'He Only Told Me After We Finished'

Headlines 03.04.16 | 09:50AM EST

Yang Hyun Suk also talked about why the singer's latest album is being split into two parts.


Big Bang Vague On Plans Regarding Mandatory Military Enlistment: 'We Try Not To Talk About Our Future' G-Dragon Claims

Hot Issues 03.01.16 | 07:55PM EST

The five members of Big Bang might be willing to discuss the group's upcoming hiatus presumably planned for when they show up to serve in the South Korean army, but it clearly isn't their favorite topic.

CoCo Avenue

CoCo Avenue Looks To Break Down Barriers As The 1st African-American K-Pop Group [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 02.26.16 | 03:19PM EST

Two-member US-based band CoCo Avenue discussed their recording plans, their extensive love of the Hallyu sound and the obstacles as K-pop's first African-American group in a KpopStarz exclusive interview.

Hyeri Reveals Girl's Day Are Working On New Album

Hyeri Reveals Girl's Day Are Working On New Album

Headlines 02.20.16 | 09:20PM EST

The singer-actress mentioned that she would be working on music projects with the group for the next few months.

WINNER vocalist Nam Teahyun

WINNER Struggle To Maintain Artistic Freedom: 'After Creating A Mold...You Can't Create Anything' Band Member Nam Taehyun Says

Hot Issues 02.12.16 | 05:24PM EST

Retaining the ability to take your music in whatever direction you want it to go isn't easy, whether you're a so-called pop "idol" or any artist, according to Nam Taehyun of the K-pop boy band WINNER.

K-pop boy band The Legend

The Legend, The KpopStarz Interview: The Band On Their Sound, Their Favorite Song And Why They're Dying For A Mamamoo Collaboration [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 02.24.16 | 06:13PM EST

The Legend sat down with KpopStarz in wide-ranging exclusive interview touching on the convenience of a smaller lineup, why they feel "Nail" best represents their style and their desire to collaborate with Mamamoo.

Park Bo Gum Clears Up Rumors Of Being In A Religious Cult

Park Bo Gum Clears Up Rumors About Being In A Religious Cult

Headlines 02.09.16 | 12:41AM EST

Although the Reply 1988 star has attended the same church ever since he was a child, rumors only began recentlly.

Seolhyun Responds To Upcoming CF Star Tzuyu:

AOA's Seolhyun Responds To Ongoing 'Rivalry' With Twice's Tzuyu

Headlines 02.03.16 | 10:54PM EST

AOA member Seolhyun has frequently been compared to Twice's Tzuyu due to both of them being extremely popular choices as advertising models.

Tao Responds To Claims Of Him Inheriting $3 Billion Fortune From His Father

Tao Responds To Rumors He Is To Inherit $3 Billion From His Father

Headlines 02.02.16 | 01:09AM EST

Tao's father, who demanded Tao's withdrawal from EXO, is reportedly a self-made business magnate who turned $6,000 into over $3 billion over a decade.


ToppDogg Wants To Entertain You! The Rap Group On Their Next Album And The New 10-Piece Lineup [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 01.20.16 | 03:10PM EST

ToppDogg discussed their creative process, the problems that arise in being a large outfit and the ways that being considered a K-pop boy band can be limiting, in a KpopStarz exclusive interview.

Annie Ko of Love X Stereo

Annie Ko Of Love X Stereo Discusses The Seoul-Based Electro Duo's Past And Future [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 01.28.16 | 04:35PM EST

Last week, Love X Stereo frontwoman and keyboardist Annie Ko took the time to talk with KpopStarz about "We Love We Leave, Part 2," the band's diverse background and what the band's songs are about.


Former Wonder Boyz Singer K Discusses His New Solo Career As Owol [EXCLUSIVE]

Interviews 12.17.15 | 04:31PM EST

Earlier this week, Wonder Boyz lead singer, K, now known as Owol, took some time to discuss his upcoming solo career, his former band and what's in a name, in a KpopStarz exclusive interview.

KpopStarz Interviews BEAST At 'Ordinary' Fan Meet In Singapore 2015 [PHOTOS]

KpopStarz Interviews BEAST At 'Ordinary' Fan Meet In Singapore 2015 [PHOTOS]

Etc 12.07.15 | 11:03AM EST

KpopStarz Interviews BEAST At 'Ordinary' Fan Meet In Singapore 2015 [PHOTOS]

Winner Will Be Next YG Entertainment Group To Release Album

New WINNER Album Expected In Early 2016

Headlines 12.06.15 | 02:24PM EST

Chief of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk revealed in an interview that the YG group will drop their new album after the start of the new year.

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