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Review: Lovelyz Return With A Cure For Your Winter Blues On Their Uplifting New Single 'For You' [VIDEO]

Reviews 12.16.15 | 04:48PM EST

South Korean girl group Lovelyz latest single "For You," released on Dec. 7, is a cheery mid-tempo slice of K-pop, driven by a peppy electro groove and an optimistic-feeling chorus.

cover of Psy's

Album Review: Psy Swings For The Fences On The '7th Album' His First Full-Length In Over 3 Years [AUDIO]

Reviews 12.01.15 | 07:58PM EST

Instead, on his first full-length since July of 2012, the "7th Album," released Tuesday, Psy throws away the script and departs from the party atmosphere momentarily, in the interest of hammering home great hooks.


Gain Of Brown Eyed Girls Recounts The Grueling Marathon Shoot For 'Brave New World': 'I Was Able To Keep Going With The Aid Of IVs!'

Hot Issues 11.06.15 | 04:53PM EST

The demands of filming the "Brave New World" video (which premiered on YouTube on Thursday) reportedly forced Brown Eyed Girls singer Gain to receive her food intravenously.

f(x) 4 Walls teaser

Review: f(x) Pay Tribute To The Electronic Dance Music Legacy On '4 Walls' [VIDEO]

Reviews 11.06.15 | 01:02PM EST

“4 Walls,” the title track from f(x)'s new album, is a catchy and bouncy dance pop stormer that takes many cues from not only 90s and early-2000s electronic dance music, but also the artists that were raised on it.

Red Velvet

K-Pop Double Take: On 'Cool World' Red Velvet Turn The Lyn Collins Sample Used On Rap Classic 'It Takes Two' Into Another Gem [AUDIO]

Reviews 10.20.15 | 04:35PM EDT

On "Cool World," from Red Velvet's "The Red," released on Sept. 9, the K-pop girl group use one of rap's most famous samples of all time, the Lyn Collins hit "Think (About It)," as used by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.

album cover of Lim Kim's

K-Pop Double Take: Why Lim Kim's Synth-Drenched 'Upgrader' Was The Overlooked High Point Of 'Simple Mind' [AUDIO]

Reviews 10.12.15 | 07:00PM EDT

As is clear on "Upgrader," the album cut from Kim's third EP "Simple Mind," released on April 27, whatever particular context the vocalist places herself, her own singing style stays pretty much the same.

eric nam, amber and ailee

Insta K-Pop: This Week's Best Idol Instagram Posts (December 28- January 3, 2015)

Features 01.04.15 | 11:47PM EST

Check out what all of your favorite K-pop stars have been up to over the past week with our weekly Instagram roundup.

ZE:A Kwanghee and EXO Suho

K-Pop Stars Send Holiday Greetings To Fans [Slideshow]

Star's Daily Life 12.25.14 | 08:30PM EST

Many Korean celebrities sent well-wishes to fans via photos.

Most Loved Non-Korean Stars In Korea

Most Loved Non-Korean Stars In Korea

Trendz 12.02.14 | 07:49AM EST

Check out which non-Korean celebrities are dominating the Korean entertainment industry these days!

KPop Stars Who Choose To Live In The Outside Of Seoul

Korean Stars Who Choose To Live Outside Of Seoul

Trendz 10.04.14 | 08:16PM EDT

Find out who among your favorite Korean stars prefer to move away from the capital and choose to live in more environmentally-friendly regions to be closer to nature.

Korean Male Stars And Their Mandatory Military Service

Korean Male Stars And Their Mandatory Military Service

Trendz 09.27.14 | 01:16PM EDT

Find out who among the Korean male stars have enlisted in these past few years and what happened to their careers after.


Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (September 7- September 13)

Features 09.15.14 | 05:47AM EDT

Our weekly round-up of K-Pop idol Instagram posts!

2MinJinkJongKey INFINITE MV Reaction

K-Pop Music Video Reactions Unite The International Hallyu Experience

Features 08.02.14 | 08:23PM EDT

YouTube brings the fun to fans through MV reactions.


SBS Hinted Possible Season 4 Of 'K-Pop Star'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.04.14 | 09:22AM EDT


Komungo Virtuoso Jin Hi Kim to Perform Digital Buddha As Part of Metropolitan Museum’s Silla: Korea's Golden Kingdom

Trending News 01.13.14 | 01:54PM EST

Komungo Virtuoso Jin Hi Kim to Perform Digital Buddha As Part of Metropolitan Museum’s Silla: Korea's Golden Kingdom

SHINee fans in London

From Crazed Fans To Squeaky Clean Marketing, 40 Reddit Users Ponder The Current State Of K-Pop

Headlines 10.16.13 | 03:55PM EDT

A simple question posed by Reddit user Fruitcupcakes on Wednesday, triggered a provocative discussion about the South Korean music industry.


What's Hot This Week In Kpop: June 24-29 Digest

Headlines 07.01.13 | 12:21AM EDT

A taste of hot issues around kpop world

"Music Bank in Paris" How Fans Expressed Their Love

Headlines 02.09.12 | 07:21PM EST

KBS 2TV Music Bank in Paris, photos from the concert have been released.

K-POP Stars In France Greeted By Fans At The Airport

K-POP Stars In France Greeted By Fans At The Airport

Etc 02.08.12 | 12:00PM EST

K-POP Stars In France Greeted By Fans At The Airport

Kpop stars

2011 Reporters Choice Awards for Kpop Stars

Headlines 12.21.11 | 11:33AM EST

OBS has gathered reporters to vote for the Reporters Choice Award recipients of 2011.

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