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T-ara dropped teaser of

T-ara Hints On Two Members Leaving The Group On 'What's My Name' Teaser

Headlines 06.05.17 | 02:39PM EDT

The group just released a Korean and a Chinese teaser and in both videos, they hinted about the two members who left the group.

T-ARA What's My Name

T-ARA Teases Return In 'What's My Name' Poster

Headlines 05.31.17 | 11:03AM EDT

They may be two members short but it doesn't mean that the remaining T-ARA members are going to deliver anything less than a stellar comeback. T-ARA members Qri, Hyomin, Eunjung, and Jiyeon have recently released the first teasers of their comeback album which bears the question "What's My Name?"

DIA To Debut In Japan

DIA Reportedly Offered 2 Million Dollar Contract To Debut In Japan

Hot Issues 05.24.17 | 09:23AM EDT

DIA is offered to sign a 2 million dollar contract with an entertainment company in Japan. Meanwhile, MBK Entertainment reportedly is still discussing whether or not to take the offer.

SBS ‘K-Pop Star 6’ Contestant Shannon Prefers YG Entertainment Over Her Current Label

SBS ‘K-Pop Star 6’ Contestant Shannon Prefers YG Entertainment Over Her Current Label

Interviews 05.17.17 | 11:20AM EDT

Shannon expressed her thoughts about her life as a singer after "K-Pop Star 6". The singer admitted she was a bit greedy about his ambition to go solo.


T-ARA Disbandment: Remaining T-ARA Members Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Qri Film MV For Upcoming Album

Headlines 05.16.17 | 11:44AM EDT

T-ARA's Boram and Soyeon's contracts may have expired May 15 with the pair choosing to leave MBK Entertainment but this does not mean that this is the end of the road for T-ARA as a K-pop group. The four remaining T-ARA members who have chosen to extend their contract through December will continue to promote T-ARA's upcoming album.

T-ara Disbandment

T-ARA Disbandment: Boram, Soyeon's Contract Expires; What Will Happen To T-ARA's Upcoming Album Release WIth Four Remaining Members?

Headlines 05.15.17 | 11:58AM EDT

T-ARA recently concluded their final concert in Taiwan as a six-member group amid a lot of tears and gratitude for the fans. While there was much drama that surrounded the final the final performance, the group officially bid goodbye to members Boram and Soyeon as their contract ends today with MBK Entertainment.


T-ARA Disbandment: Boram, Soyeon To Be Sanctioned If Taiwan Concert Fails?

Headlines 05.13.17 | 11:37AM EDT

T-ARA's Boram and Soyeon will not get off scot-free if their recent actions cause damage to T-ARA's upcoming concert in Taiwan. Their management, MBK Entertainment has recently spoken up about the two members' behavior which has been causing trouble and worries for other group members.

T-ARA Comeback

T-ARA Comeback: MBK Entertainment Is Outraged Of Boram & Soyeon's Absence

Headlines 05.09.17 | 02:53PM EDT

MBK Entertainment is outraged when it was notified that Boram and Soyeon will not be participating in T-ARA comeback promotions.

MBK Entertainment Calls Boram And Saeyeon Direspectful Due To Absence In T-ara Concert

MBK Entertainment Calls Boram And Saeyeon Direspectful Due To The Absence In T-ara Concert

Hot Issues 05.10.17 | 10:46AM EDT

Boram and Saeyeon's attention were called by MBK Entertainment due to the absence in T-ara concert.


T-ara To Release Final Album in June: Insider Reports T-ara Members Will Not Be Renewing Contracts Anymore

Headlines 04.27.17 | 05:44PM EDT

An insider from MBK Entertainment just announced that T-ara will be releasing their final album in June 1 as the members won't be renewing their contracts anymore.

T-ara Disbandment

T-ara Disbandment: Soyeon & Boram End Contracts With MBK Entertainment, The Group To Officially Disband In December?

Trending News 03.23.17 | 07:26AM EDT

MBK Entertainment released an official statement regarding Soyeon and Boram who ended their contracts with the agency. Meanwhile, the remaining members of T-ara extended their contracts until December.

T-ara Disbandment

T-ara's Updates: MBK Entertainment Reveals That The Group's Comeback Album In May Will Be Their Last As 6 Members

Hot Issues 03.21.17 | 03:09AM EDT

MBK Entertainment revealed to news outlets on March 16 (KST) that the group's upcoming album will be their last as 6-member group.


MBK Entertainment Releases First Teaser Photo of T-ara For November Comeback

Headlines 11.02.16 | 03:51AM EDT

MBK Entertainment released first group photo of T-ara for their upcoming comeback "Ti Amo".

Hyomin Drops Solo Comeback Music Video

Hyomin Drops Sultry Solo Comeback Music Video 'Sketch'

Headlines 03.17.16 | 02:53PM EDT

An age 19+ rated sexy version was also released along with the regular version.


DIA Add New Member Ahead Of Comeback

Headlines 03.08.16 | 09:17AM EST

The girl group's newest member is generating interest in their upcoming new release.

K-Pop Crossover: Berklee College Of Music Nurtures Another K-Pop Act With Highbrow

Boston-Based K-Pop Duo HIGHBROW Release 2nd Digital Single 'These Days I' Featuring Dok2

Headlines 11.11.15 | 01:43PM EST

The Berklee College of Music students are back with a new song featuring one of South Korea's most celebrated rappers.

Davichi at the 28th Golden Disk Awards

CJ E&M Asks MBK Entertainment Not To Release Davichi Song

Hot Issues 11.02.15 | 11:18AM EST

The song "Moments" was used during an appearance of MBK's new girl group DIA.

DIA makes their debut with music video for Somehow

Girl Group DIA Makes Their Debut With 'Somehow' Music Video

Headlines 09.14.15 | 11:04PM EDT

DIA, a newly formed girl group under MBK Entertainment, made their debut on the 14th with the music video for 'Somehow'.


DIA Debut With Release Of Music Video 'Somehow'

Headlines 09.15.15 | 04:55PM EDT

MBK Entertainment's new girl group released their debut music video.


B2M Entertainment In Talks With CJ E&M For Merger

Headlines 06.27.15 | 11:25AM EDT

Media contents company CJ E&M and music management company B2M are discussing a possible merger.

MBK Entertainment's upcoming female group

T-ARA's Agency MBK Entertainment Reveals 6 New Singers For Upcoming Girl Group

Headlines 06.16.15 | 10:51AM EDT

The names of six members for MBK Entertainment's upcoming female group have been revealed.

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