Big Bang confirm performance at 2015 MAMA

Unappreciated Singers: Equality Of Line Distribution In K-Pop Songs [BLOG]

Features 09.09.15 | 06:49AM EDT

A discussion of the disparity among singing parts within K-pop idol groups that focuses on popular acts Big Bang, 2NE1, and INFINITE.


Big Bang's T.O.P Captures Photos Of Seungri Asleep In A Moving Car On Instagram

Buzz 09.01.15 | 02:00AM EDT

Group Big Bang's member T.O.P updated his fans with pictures of member Seungri.

g-dragon, top

Big Bang's T.O.P Posts A Photo Taken With G-Dragon The Night Before On Instagram

Buzz 09.01.15 | 01:35AM EDT

Group Big Bang's members G-Dragon and T.O.P revealed a funny picture of themselves.

big bang

T.O.P Shares Collage Of Big Bang Baby Photos On Instagram

Buzz 08.24.15 | 03:28AM EDT

Known for his quirky social media posts, T.O.P recently unveiled old photos of his Big Bang group mates on Instagram.

gd, top

Big Bang's GD&TOP To Perform 'Zutter' On 'M! Countdown' And 'Inkigayo'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.21.15 | 09:38PM EDT

Big Bang's members G-Dragon and T.O.P will be performing their song "Zutter" on air this week.

g-dragon, top

Big Bang's G-Dragon & T.O.P Visit Chef Lee Yeon Bok At His Restaurant

Buzz 08.21.15 | 09:22PM EDT

Group Big Bang's members G-Dragon and T.O.P visited chef Lee Yeon Bok's restaurant.

T.O.P (left) and G-Dragon in the

Review: Big Bang Save The Best For Last On 'Zutter' As GD & TOP Take Center Stage For The 4th Installment Of The 'MADE' Series [VIDEO]

Reviews 08.07.15 | 01:28AM EDT

The Big Bang song "Zutter," released Wednesday as the final installment in their "MADE" singles series, (or as the "E" in "MADE"), is arguably the group's most blazing and edgy single to date.

T.O.P Instagram Photo

Quiz: Which K-Pop Star's Instagram Account Is Most Like Yours?

Features 08.01.15 | 01:03PM EDT

K-pop Instagrams are a good reminder that sometimes stars are just like us. So, which one are you?

Big Bang 'Let's Not Love' Poster

Big Bang Reveal New 'Made' Series 'E' Poster For 'Let's Not Love' Single

Headlines 07.31.15 | 09:11AM EDT

Big Bang has revealed a new poster for their "Made" series "E" single entitled "Let's Not Love."


Seungri Saves Big Bang Bandmates From Stage Fireworks During Recent MADE Tour Stop In Malaysia

Headlines 07.29.15 | 08:22AM EDT

Seungri becomes a hero at Big Bang's recent tour stop as he saves Daesung and T.O.P from a potential accident.


T.O.P Teases Upcoming 'Fantastic' Release With G-Dragon On Instagram

Headlines 07.28.15 | 08:47AM EDT

Recently T.O.P uploaded two photos of himself and G-Dragon, teasing their upcoming single "Fantastic."

GD&TOP Sick Poster

GD&TOP 'Made' Series 'E' Single Genre To Be Traditional Hip-Hop

Headlines 07.26.15 | 12:11PM EDT

It was recently revealed that the next Big Bang "Made" series release will be a brand new song by GD&TOP and a return to their hip-hop roots.

g-dragon, top

Big Bang's GD&TOP Teams Up Once Again As A Duo For 'MADE SERIES' 4th Album 'E'

Headlines 07.24.15 | 05:53PM EDT

Big Bang's G-Dragon and T.O.P's poster was released.

GD TOP Big Bang

Big Bang To Unveil 'Dope' With Fans Through Live Broadcasting App

Headlines 07.24.15 | 11:37AM EDT

For their upcoming 'E' single album, Big Bang will meet with their fans through Naver’s real-time broadcasting app, V app.

G-Dragon and T.O.P - Big Bang - GD&TOP

Big Bang Change Things Up For August 'MADE' Series Release With Return Of Project Duo GD&TOP

Headlines 07.23.15 | 11:12AM EDT

The subunit was Big Bang's first attempt to breakaway from the five-member dynamic.

T.O.P Instagram Photo

Big Bang's T.O.P Reaches 2 Million Instagram Followers Despite Straightforward Responses To Fans

Headlines 07.21.15 | 10:30AM EDT

The Big Bang rapper recently surpassed 2 million Instagram followers. What's great? He's done this while still remaining true to his straightfoward and cool personality.

top, ueno juri

Big Bang's TOP Shares A Photo Taken With Ueno Juri On Instagram

Buzz 07.09.15 | 02:13AM EDT

Big Bang's member TOP revealed a picture with the Japanese actress Ueno Juri.

Big Bang

Big Bang Reveal Track List For July’s 'D' Release From Group's MADE Series

Headlines 06.29.15 | 08:49AM EDT

The track list poster also revealed that G-Dragon and rapper member T.O.P were heavily involved in creating the July tracks.

Big Bang 'Sober'

Big Bang Reveals Second 'D Series' Poster For 'Sober'

Headlines 06.27.15 | 01:52PM EDT

Big Bang reveal second official teaser poster ahead of their 'D Series' comeback on July 1.

Big Bang Vogue Magazine July Photoshoot Fashion 2015

Vogue Releases Individual Close-Ups Of Big Bang Members

Fashion & Style 06.27.15 | 12:02PM EDT

Vogue has released beauty close-ups of all five Big Bang members! The group starred in a high fashion off-the-grid photoshoot featured in the July issue.

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