Shinhwa Releases A DVD Of Their Asia Tour Seoul Concert

Headlines 09.17.14 | 08:06AM EDT

Shinhwa released a DVD of their summer Asia tour Seoul concert.

Kim Tae Woo Talks Down On Shinhwa? "I Spoke Carelessly" Apology

Hot Issues 09.15.14 | 02:42AM EDT

g.o.d's member Kim Tae Woo apologized for what he said about group Shinhwa.

Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung To Attend 'I WANT MUSIC-COOL- in Macao' As Korea's Representative

Hot Issues 09.12.14 | 09:52AM EDT

Group Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung will be attending a concert in Macao as Korea's representative.

Ratings Dip For The Chuseok Holiday But 'The Night Watchmen' Stays On Top

Hot Issues 09.10.14 | 01:03PM EDT

"The Night Watchmen" held on to first place.

Exo's Sehun Remake on Shinhwa's Yo

Trendz 09.01.14 | 11:16AM EDT

Exo's Sehun Remake on Shinhwa's Yo on their reality show

Shinhwa Members Prove To Be Legendary Idols, Celebrate 6,000 Days Since Group's Debut

Headlines 08.28.14 | 08:06AM EDT

The members left anonymous messages to fans on Twitter.

Shin Hye Sung Releases A Duet Song With Yim Chang Jung 'Doll'

Headlines 08.27.14 | 12:26AM EDT

Group Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung and singer Yim Chang Jung's collaboration song "Doll" was released on August 25.

ZEST, 'We Want To Last Long Like Shinhwa'

Interviews 08.26.14 | 01:29AM EDT

The new idol group ZEST chose Shinhwa as their role model.

Five Fun Facts About Jung Yu Mi

Interviews 08.21.14 | 10:27AM EDT

The star of "Discovery of Love" delivers a comic performance as a quirky independent woman.

Kim Dong Wan, "I Hope We Remember Even The Hurtful Memories Of Our History" Donates $30,000

Headlines 08.21.14 | 01:33AM EDT

Shinhwa's member Kim Dong Wan donated $30,000 for elders who were victimized as comfort women in the past.

“The Night Watchmen” Casts Its Spell On The Ratings

Headlines 08.20.14 | 11:40AM EDT

The ratings for "The Night Watchmen" rose from 8.1 to 8.8 percent.

'Discovery of Love' Is A Different Kind Of K-Drama Romance

Headlines 08.18.14 | 12:22PM EDT

The drama was written by Jung Hyun Jung, who wrote the "I Need Romance" series.

Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung To Hold Global '2014 HS CAMP-winds&forest' With 400 Overseas Fans

Headlines 08.14.14 | 09:23AM EDT

Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung will be holding a fall camp with fans next month.

Shinhwa, Support For Member Eric Acting In A Drama In A Shout Out Clip

Stars on TV / Movies 08.13.14 | 01:23AM EDT

Group Shinhwa supported their member Eric that is returning to acting for the first time in a while.

EXO To Get Up Close And Personal With K-Pop Legends In New Variety Show

Stars on TV / Movies 07.28.14 | 05:58AM EDT

'K-Pop Time Slip: EXO 90:2014' premieres in August

Lee Min Woo Releases Christmas Concert DVD On July 24

Headlines 07.25.14 | 02:26AM EDT

Shinhwa's Lee Min Woo released his Christmas concert DVD on July 24.

Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung-Lee Min Woo-Jun Jin Heat Up China's '2014 The Young The Future' Concert

Headlines 07.14.14 | 09:57AM EDT

Shinhwa members Shin Hye Sung, Lee Min Woo and Jun Jin has taken over China.

Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan To Perform On 10th Anniversary Stage Of “Hedwig”

Headlines 07.08.14 | 02:21AM EDT

Group Shinhwa's Kim Dong Wan will return as Hedwig.

Shin Hye Sung To Launch 10th Anniversary Solo Debut Remake Project

Headlines 07.02.14 | 12:09AM EDT

Group Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung's hit song will be released again in a different version.

K-Pop Rewind: Shinhwa 'T.O.P'

Reviews 06.27.14 | 12:26AM EDT

'T.O.P' was one of the first commercial successes for Shinhwa.

Shinhwa Junjin To Make Solo Comeback With First Album In 5 Years

Headlines 06.24.14 | 03:06AM EDT

Junjin is working on a new album

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