Shinhwa's Dongwan reveals MV for "He Sunshine

Trendz 11.20.14 | 11:33AM EST

Shinhwa's Dongwan has revealed the music video for his pre-release track "He_Sunshine"!

Shinhwa's Shin Hye Sung-Lee Min Woo-Jun Jin Will Be Attending China's 'Pu Pu 2014 Music Festival' On November 16

Trendz 11.14.14 | 11:09AM EST

Shinhwa members Shin Hye Sung, Lee Min Woo and Jun Jin will be attending the 2014 'Pu Pu Music Festival' in Shanghai as Korea's representatives.

SBS Cancels Special 'Inkigayo In China' Episode Due To Inadequate Preparations

Headlines 11.05.14 | 07:59AM EST

SBS reportedly has called off the special show after Chinese organizers failed to fulfill their contracts.

Jun Jin & Yoon Jin Yi, "The Scandal Is Not True"

Hot Issues 10.22.14 | 03:02AM EDT

Group Shinhwa's member Jun Jin and actress Yoon Jin Yi's sides both denied the scandal.

Shinhwa Junjin And Yoon Jin Yi Dating Rumors Spread, 'Both Sides Deny Rumors'

Hot Issues 10.21.14 | 12:20AM EDT

News of Shinhwa member Junjin and actress Yoon Jin Yi dating have been taking over the news sites today.

Incredible Lineup Confirmed For 'Inkigayo In China' Special Episode - EXO, CNBLUE, Taeyang And More

Headlines 10.18.14 | 10:10AM EDT

A long list of popular K-Pop acts will take part in the special Chinese episode of 'Inkigayo.'

Criticism Continues To Surround Shinhwa Member Andy As Fans Say ‘Leave Him Alone’

Headlines 10.14.14 | 10:51AM EDT

Shinhwa member Andy will be returning to the group next month.

First Generation Artists Make Solid Comebacks Amidst One Of The Most Scandalous Years In K-Pop History

Features 10.13.14 | 11:32AM EDT

First generation groups and artists from them like g.o.d, Seo Taiji, and Shinhwa's Eric Mun are making strong comebacks in 2014.

Shinhwa Eric, Rising Popularity On 'Discovery Of Love' Lands Him An Endorsement Gig

Headlines 10.11.14 | 03:25AM EDT

Shinhwa's member Eric rose in popularity through KBS "Discovery of Love" and became the model for Volvo Korea

Boy Band GOT7 ‘Aspires To Become Like Veteran K-Pop Group’ Shinhwa

Headlines 10.06.14 | 03:17PM EDT

GOT7 topped Thailand's music chart with their recently released compilation album "Thailand Special Set."

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung released Ex-Mind with rapper Snacky Chan.

Trendz 09.30.14 | 11:30AM EDT

Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung released Ex-Mind with rapper Snacky Chan.

Idols And The Military: The Service That Separates K-Pop Stars From The Rest

Features 09.25.14 | 08:09AM EDT

Male K-Pop stars have to plan for something that most of their global counterparts do not - enlisting to serve their country for 21 months of mandatory military service.

Shin Hye Sung Joins The OST Artists For 'Discovery Of Love'

Stars on TV / Movies 09.25.14 | 03:02AM EDT

Group Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung will join the lineup of OST artists for KBS "Discovery of Love."

Shinhwa Company Changes Name To 'Shincom Entertainment'

Headlines 09.22.14 | 12:52AM EDT

Shinhwa Company changed its name to Shincom Entertainment.

Shinhwa Releases A DVD Of Their Asia Tour Seoul Concert

Headlines 09.17.14 | 08:06AM EDT

Shinhwa released a DVD of their summer Asia tour Seoul concert.

Kim Tae Woo Talks Down On Shinhwa? "I Spoke Carelessly" Apology

Hot Issues 09.15.14 | 02:42AM EDT

g.o.d's member Kim Tae Woo apologized for what he said about group Shinhwa.

Shinhwa Shin Hye Sung To Attend 'I WANT MUSIC-COOL- in Macao' As Korea's Representative

Hot Issues 09.12.14 | 09:52AM EDT

Group Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung will be attending a concert in Macao as Korea's representative.

Ratings Dip For The Chuseok Holiday But 'The Night Watchmen' Stays On Top

Hot Issues 09.10.14 | 01:03PM EDT

"The Night Watchmen" held on to first place.

Exo's Sehun Remake on Shinhwa's Yo

Trendz 09.01.14 | 11:16AM EDT

Exo's Sehun Remake on Shinhwa's Yo on their reality show

Shinhwa Members Prove To Be Legendary Idols, Celebrate 6,000 Days Since Group's Debut

Headlines 08.28.14 | 08:06AM EDT

The members left anonymous messages to fans on Twitter.

Shin Hye Sung Releases A Duet Song With Yim Chang Jung 'Doll'

Headlines 08.27.14 | 12:26AM EDT

Group Shinhwa member Shin Hye Sung and singer Yim Chang Jung's collaboration song "Doll" was released on August 25.

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