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Jinyoung Rates The Possibility of Co-GOT7 Members Meeting His Younger Female Sibling on '1theK'

By Eddwyn A. | April 11, 2017 09:49 PM EDT

GOT7 members recently appeared on an episode of "1theK". The members were featured in the show's "Ask In A Box" segment where the fans get to ask questions to the K-pop idols.

GOT7's Jinyoung was asked whether which member of the group he would choose to meet her younger sister. But instead of choosing just one, Jinyoung opted to rate the possibility of each member meeting his sister.

Jinyoung gave co-member Mark a rate of 70% possibility of meeting his younger sister. It is because Mark goes home early in their dormitory. Jinyoung took the 30% however, because would be too shy to talk.

Jinyoung rated co-member Youngjae next, giving him 60% possibility of meeting his female sibling. Jinyoung jokingly said how Youngjae would be treating her well but he would be training his voice in front of her the whole time.

GOT7's JB was then rated by Jinyoung next, also giving him 60% possibility. Jinyoung even complimented JB, saying that JB is a real chic that's why his sister would like him.

GOT7'7's BamBam was given a low percentage of 30. However, Jinyoung took it back and gave him 70% possibility of meeting his young sister. "BamBam likes clothes so I think he would take my sister shopping," explained Jinyoung.

Jackson on the other hand, was given 50% possibility by Jinyoung. He explained honestly how Jackson is a fun person. However, Jackson is too popular so he'd be interested meeting other ladies.

Lastly, Jinyoung gave Yungyeom the lowest 30% possibility. It is because he thinks Yungyeom would constantly remind his younger sibling that he's taller than Jinyoung.

In other news, Jinyoung cleared rumors about him and BLACKPINK's Jisoo having a "more than friends" relationship. According to Koogle TV, Jinyoung insisted that he and Jisoo are really "just friends".

"Yes, I am on a friendly basis with all members of BLACKPINK," said Jinyoung on Naver's "GOT Jackson Show". "We communicate pretty regularly. We even have our own private chat room."

However, Jinyoung was smiling the entire time. There might really be something happening between the two.

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