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Gfriend Reveals Their Ideal Man

By Staff Writer | April 20, 2017 08:15 AM EDT

Gfriend Reveals Their Ideal Man
Hit girl group, Gfriend, has just revealed their ideal man. Continue to read on to know more about the revelation. (Photo : Buddy HQ)

The hit K-pop girl group, Gfriend, has just unveiled to the public what kind of ideal man they want to have in their lives. The surprising revelation came out during the girl group's interview at "Ji Sang Ryul's Bravo, Bravo", a radio show.

During the radio interview, it has been revealed that Eunha of Gfriend prefers a man who has a cute physical personality, as well as having a good voice. Meanwhile, Ji Sang Ryul also reveals her kind of man. Her type was revealed when she was asked if he would prefer someone who is similar to Yoo Ah In.

Without a doubt, she immediately said yes. This will surely lead to a series of news rumors of a possible Ji Sang Ryul and Yoo Ah In dating each other.

On the other hand, Yuju says that her ideal kind of man is someone that shares the same characteristics with Ji Sang Ryul. She adds that this is because she has a good impression and has a very distinct and prominent T-zone.

According to Soompi, Sowon reveals that her kind of man is someone who is family oriented who loved being with kids. This shows that Sowon is also the kind of girl who loves being with her family, and because of it, she likes someone to match her own personality.

Umji also spoke out saying that she likes a man who can clearly communicate with her. With this, one can clearly see that she likes to keep talking with her other half.

Yerin's revelation is the one that surprises everyone as she says that she likes someone who is foolishly nice. It was one of the most unorthodox traits as most girls would want someone who doesn't have a foolish personality.

But then again, Yerin wants someone who has a little bit foolish attitude that is also nice to people.

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