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Park Bo Gum Chose BTS' V Over Song Joong Ki To Spend Time In Jeju Island

By Siti Fatimah | April 20, 2017 08:39 AM EDT

Park Bo Gum chose BTS' V over Song Joong Ki to spend time together in Jeju island.
Park Bo Gum was spotted with BTS' V having trip in Jeju Island. Check out the details here! (Photo : BTS & ARMY News/YouTube)

Everyone has already known that Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki have a special relationship. They are close friends and always support each other. Some fans even think that they have a kind of bromance which is really cute. But recently Park Bo Gum was reported to choose BTS' V over Song Joong Ki.

Previously, Park Bo Gum has shared about his closeness with Song Joong Ki. The "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" actor once said that "Descendants of the Sun" actor was like a brother to him. Song Joong Ki often gave him food and a lot of advice about acting, DramaFever reported. Giving the statement, Park Bo Gum wanted to stay humble about his acting as he felt still lacking a lot.

Meanwhile, it was said that their relationship was not that close anymore since Park Bo Gum chose BTS' V over Song Joong Ki. The two were spotted spending time together in Jeju Island. Even, V shared some pictures of his togetherness with Park Bo Gum when they spent time in parks and subways, KoreaPortal reported.

Seeing V and Park Bo Gum, fans thought that Park Bo Gum relationship with Song Joong Ki might not have been so close as before. Many rumors came up that Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum were dating since they were really close, yet there was no clear statement that they admitted the relationship. In fact, both are best friends and Park Bo Gum admires Song Joong Ki as his senior in acting.

The bromance is a hot topic since the sweet gestures are seen a lot between Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki. Yet, Song Joong Ki once said that he loved Kwang Soo rather than Park Bo Gum, Koreaboo reported. It was not a big surprise since Kwang Soo has been his best friend since long time ago.

Both Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki's fans always hope that their relationship will be as closer as ever because they are really cute to each other. Despite the bromance rumor, both are known to have good personality and work hard in their acting.

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