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Minzy Revealed Her Experience In 2NE1 & Shared Why Somi Reminded Her Of Her Early Debut

By Siti Fatimah | April 20, 2017 08:48 AM EDT

Minzy talked about 2NE1 and Jeon Somi in her interview about her solo debut.
Minzy just debuted as a solo singer. She talked about 2NE1 and Somi. Check out the details here! (Photo : Abiz - Entertainment Buzz/YouTube)

Minzy has left YG Entertainment and 2NE1 and had her solo album. Being together with Jeon Somi in "Sister's Slam Dunk," recently she talked about her debut days and how Joen Somi reminded her of her young days.

During an interview with "International bnt," Minzy shared her experience in 2NE1. She said that Jeon Somi reminded her with her debut days because Minzy debuted at such a young age. Also, she was really proud of Somi because she did well, AllKpop reported.

Minzy also added that she was having a hard time when 2NE1 was on hiatus since she wanted to go on stage so much. Thus, she decided to learn dance in LA. She also said that debuting at such a young age was hard since she didn't know how to socialize well. Even though she had a hard time, thankfully she could handle it really well.

Having a solo debut, Minzy has done really well. She wrote mostly all of her songs in the mini album and her collaboration with Jay Park was awesome. For the title track "Ninano," Flowsik is featured in it and the upbeat song is really perfect for her powerful dance. She can sing really well while dancing on the beat.

Gong Minzy made a glorious return with her song "Ninano," Soompi reported. In this MV, people can see how beautiful she is. Having longer hair, her image is different from when she was still in 2NE1. Minzy was used to have short hair and had a powerful dance on stage. But for her solo debut, she chose long hair. Also, she showed more of her girlish side in this song, even though people can still see her strong dance.

Minzy with Jeon Somi are having good relationship. The two get closer after being in "Sister's Slam Dunk." Moreover, Somi is a big fan of Minzy. With the nice relationship, two of them often show sweet gesture to each other. Their fans hope that Minzy solo as well as Unnies will get a big hit.

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