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Kris Wu Studio Gave Warning Towards False Information About Him Badmouthing EXO Members

By Siti Fatimah | April 20, 2017 08:00 PM EDT

Kris Wu Studio gave warning to false information badmouthing EXO members.
Kris was previously reported by Zhou Wei to badmouth EXO members. Recently, he gave warning for the false information in the weibo of his personal label. (Photo : Kris Wu/YouTube)

Things have been heating up between Kris Wu and Zhou Wei. The ex member of EXO was reported to talk bad about other members by China paparazzi, Zhou Wei. Recently, Kris Wu Studio gave a warning against the rumor about his badmouth other EXO members.

The rumor started when Zhou Wei gave statement that once Kris Wu talked bad about three members in EXO. There were two ex members and one active member that Kris was talking badly, ImKpop reported. Based on the guess of the initials, people thought that Kris was talking badly about Luhan, Lay, and Tao.

Even though the news is everywhere, there is no definite proof that the former leader of EXO was talking badly about other members. Also, Kris' fans didn't believe to the rumor, saying that their idol had a nice personality.

In answer to the rumor, Kris finally spoke up through his independent agency. In Kris Wu Studio, he warned any media spreading any false information about him. He said that he would take legal actions towards false news. The detail about the warning can be seen in Weibo, AllKpop reported.

Kris Wu is currently having his popularity with his singing and acting. Deciding to leave EXO, he had his own label and went solo. His songs as well as his acting in Hollywood movie with Vin Diesel got much attention. Kris' popularity reaches not only China but also many countries. He gets more popularity after starring many dramas and movies in China.

Kris is getting more popular and recognition when he was invited in Grammy Award event. He could show his confidence with other Hollywood celebrities. About the false information of him badmouthing EXO members, Kris has given his warning. It is thankful that his fans keep their faith on him. Also they keep on rooting him for his current and next project in entertainment industry.

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