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GOT7's Youngjae Was Absent From Fan Meeting In Australia Due To Back Injury + Jackson Met His Cute Niece

By Siti Fatimah | April 20, 2017 08:00 PM EDT

GOT7's Youngjae got back injury and absent frm fan meeting in Australia.
GOT7's Youngjae was resting due to his back injury. Thus, he couldn't attend fan meeting in Australia. (Photo : Abiz - Entertainment Buzz/YouTube)

Being an idol, someone can be really tired with the full schedule. Also, accident might happen during practice. This is what happens with GOT7's Youngjae. Recently, he was unable to attend fan meeting in Australia because of his back injury.

Previously, Jaebum, the leader of GOT7, also once needed to rest because of his back injury. He got spinal injury and thus had to rest in certain of time. Getting medical examination and treatment, he decided to rest from many GOT7's activities, Soompi reported.

After Jaebum, another GOT7 member Jackson also was in need to rest as he got anemia. Jackson was exhausted due to full schedule in both China and Korea. Due to health issue and in order to get back to his normal health, Jackson was resting and couldn't join any activity, AllKpop reported.

Following Jackson, recently, Youngjae was resting due to his health problem. JYP Entertainment gave official statement saying that Youngjae got back injury and couldn't join fan meeting in Australia on Apr. 21-24. The company said that Youngjae got treatment in hospital and was resting. They also did their best for his recovery.

When GOT7 members minus Youngjae did V app Live, Mark said that Youngjae was resting in order to answer the comments from ahgases. It was sad that the fan meeting in Australia was done without Youngjae.

Among GOT7 members, Youngjae is the loudest one. Other members often say that Youngjae's voice is really loud. He is known as the sunshine of the group as he is known to be really pure. Other members, like Jaebum and Jackson, thankfully got recovered well from health problem. Ahgases hope that Youngjae will recover soon.

Having fan meeting in Australia, GOT7 members were welcomed by many ahgases in the airport. It was more fun as Jackson was able to meet his niece in Australia, SBS reported. At the backstage, Jackson was spotted playing with his cute niece.

The fan meeting in Australia on Apr. 20 was done well and ahgases were satisfied. With the upcoming fan meeting events, still in Australia, fans hope that GOT7 members will stay healthy and for Youngjae, they hope he will soon back with other members having their activities.

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