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JYP Posted On Instagram Finishing Producing: People Predicted He Would Compose TWICE's New Song For May Comeback

By Siti Fatimah | April 22, 2017 07:25 AM EDT

It is always a good topic to have Park Jinyoung making the title track of his idol group. He is known to produce many hit songs of many artists. After previously producing GOT7's new album's title track "Never Ever," he is reported to produce TWICE next song.

TWICE has just made their big success with "Knock Knock." Taking the win ninth times in many music shows, TWICE was reported to have their debut in Japan soon. Another news came up that the girl group from "Sixteen" will have their comeback in May.

Park Jinyoung just posted on instagram on Apr. 21, saying that he just finished producing. In the photo, there were many initials like MM, MN, JH, NY, DH, CY, and many more. As the initials seems to refer to TWICE members, people have speculated that JYP might have produced TWICE's song for the first time, AllKpop reported.

If the prediction is true, JYP will be producing TWICE's song for the first time since their debut. It will be a big present for the group to have him composing their song. Meanwhile, for TWICE's comeback, JYP Entertainment has made their official statement, saying that the group will have their comeback in May. Yet the exact date hasn't been decided and the promotion will be long, not for two weeks anymore, Koreaboo reported.

Previously, for TWICE's last song "Knock Knock," many fans got disappointed as they thought the time for promotion was too short. Even some TV stations asked JYP Entertainment to expand the promotion time as they wanted TWICE to appear on their show.

For TWICE's last song "Knock Knock," the girls promoted for three weeks. The company had a plan to extend the promotion time but at the end they finished the promotion as planned. Having only two weeks promotion, many fans still want to see more of TWICE's performance on stage. Thus, having the new announcement from JYP Entertainment, they are really happy. For TWICE's comeback, many fans are excited to have the girls back on stage with their cute song and dance.

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