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Kim Do Yeon And Choi Yoo Jung Fought Many Times And Settled It Through Talks

By Siti Fatimah | April 23, 2017 01:16 AM EDT

Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung are best friends from Fantagio. Coming from the same company, their relationship got closer when they debuted in IOI. Recently, they talked about their friendship.

During the "Naver V" live broadcast on Apr. 20, these two idols talked about their relationship. They said that there would always a fight in a relationship. Then Choi Yoo Jung added that she and Do Yeon had a complete different personality. Thus, they fought a lot. Yet, they had a talk to end the fight, AllKpop reported.

Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung are often seen to be really sweet to each other. Even though they fought a lot, their friendship seemed to get closer through the talk. Thus, when they are on screen, they always look happy around each other.

Recently, Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung went to LA to study English. They also had a vacation after their hard work since "Produce 101" and IOI. Their trip in LA will also be the 6-episode project of their own reality show, AllKpop reported.

The reality show showing hoe Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung in LA have been waited a lot by fans. They want to see how they learn and how they have fun in a new environment. In the trailer of the first episode, the two besties were showing their friendship goal, Soompi reported.

People can see clearly in IOI that Kim Do Yeon likes to talk a lot while Choi Yoo Jung tend to hide her feeling. Having piled up of feelings, sometimes Choi Yoo Jung has a hard time saying what she wants. But, thankfully, they can talk it out and they come up being best friends than ever.

It seems that Fantagio wants to give more attention to Kim Do Yeon and Choi Yoo Jung as they have done their best to get recognition in K-Pop industry. Their new reality show is sure worth to watch.

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