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iKON Explains 'Bling Bling' Concept in BTS Video; Fans Blame YG For iKON's Weak Chart Performance

By Angie Chui | May 23, 2017 08:23 AM EDT


With only a day passing since iKON's comeback with their double release of their two new track "Bling Bling" and "B-Day", the boys are sharing some behind the scenes footage as they made the video for their title track. Fans will be happy to catch a glimpse of how much fun the boys had while making their new hip hop masterpiece.

According to a report by All Kpop, the "Bling Bling" BTS video showed iKON members being wacky as compared their swag-filled hip hop personas on the music video. The video showed the boys in costume decked out in hoodies and gas masks as they prepared to perform their awesome choreography, piling on top of each other to make a giant iKON sandwich and mainly just goofing around while the production team sets up the cameras to catch different angles.

"Bling Bling is not a song about having a lot of money but rather an expression of our vibrant youth," iKON said in the behind the scenes footage. "It has a darker and mature message with a manly performance."

iKON's fandom called iKONIC seemed to agree wholeheartedly that iKON managed to achieve their objective after the "Bling Bling" MV easily reached 2 million views in just a span of 11 hours. This comes as a unique feat since iKONICs is also busy propelling iKON's other MV "B-Day" to record numbers. "Bling Bling" has so far reached 3 million views while "B-Day" has just breached the 2 million views mark on youtube.

Meanwhile, even as iKONICs work hard to propel iKON to youtube milestones, fans are lamenting that iKON's comeback is not performing as well as expected on the charts even though their new songs are really catchy and well made. Most fans believe that this may be due to iKON's lack of exposure in Korea for the past year as they concentrated on building their presence in the Japanese market.

"The reason why it doesn't chart well is because they have 0 appearance in South Korea for over one year. I hope YG can realize this problem like all iKONICs did, and treat them well, not just touring around," said one frustrated fan.

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