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TGM Events Issues Lengthy Explanation For BTS Concert Fiasco: Unimpressed Fans Worry About The Future Of K-Pop Shows In The U.S. [EXCLUSIVE]

By Tony Sokol | October 06, 2015 01:05 PM EDT


TGM Events is under fire for problems that arose during the recent "Highlight" tour featuring Korean pop band Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS, during their stops in San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta and Toronto.

After a spate of problematic concerts, TGM Events' Nadia Leong released a five page "Statement of Clarification" to Facebook, but comments to the post show that fans believe the event promoter is trying to shift blame away from themselves. The posters believe not enough is being done to make reparations for the damage that was caused. Some worry that the future of live K-pop performances are at stake.

"This company is not working in the best interest of K-pop outside of Korea," Melodie Everson of told KpopStarz exclusively.

"People lost a large amount of money through TGM's incompetence. Thinking the $70 ticket refund is their only obligation is wrong. I hope those who couldn't attend get extra compensation in addition to their expenses."

Everson believes that the incidents' impact is felt beyond the United States and have repercussions that reach back to where the music started.

"People in Korea are also showing outrage at the mishandling of the concerts," Everson said. "They think it created a bad image for BTS." 

The world of K-pop in the United States is a very tight community, so when problems arise, they spread very quickly through social media. A petition was posted online asking for refunds from TGM Events, citing the BTS "Highlight" tour, a failed IndieGoGo campaign, a canceled Kim Tae Woo concert, and a "postponed" Eric Nam tour.

According to witnesses, BTS fans spent hours waiting in the rain on Saturday, September 26th at the Center Stage in Atlanta, amid reports that TGM Events, the concert organizer, oversold the show. Over 100 ticket holders were denied entry. Some fans were promised that they would get a special interactive experience with the band after the concert.

"On the 26th, a couple of friends were waiting in line for the concert," Everson said.

"They were keeping the rest of us updated on Facebook. All the stories relayed the same thing. The management company seemed ready to turn them away, so it is probable that they knew in advance that there would be this issue."

Leong explained the situation in the TGM Facebook post.

"Our production manager was informed that we would not be able to use Center Stage Theater as the limit was only 1050, and we still had about 1150 people," the "Statement of Clarification" reads.

"She informed our team that during the walkthrough, the venue representative said they would be able to accommodate the additional people. We did not question the information given to us."

"On the day of the show... the venue informed us that the information ... was inaccurate and that the den was inaccurate and the that venue would be denying entry to the 100 remaining fans. We called for an emergency meeting [and were told] the venue would hold more than the advertised 1050. ... Ultimately, it was the venue's decision regarding how many people they would let in."

TGM wrote that they are "processing refunds to the 100 fans who were unable to enter. ... However, we have received several fraudulent claims from other fans who are aiming to take advantage of the situation by getting full refunds although they managed to attend and got all the items they paid for."

Everson also contradicted claims about the interactive fan meeting.

"They also made promises to those turned away that they would get to see BTS. They waited hours more in the rain only to find out the promoters never told BTS about the added fan meet," Everson said.

TGM blamed a "glitch with our Tictail system, which caused us to be oversold by about 200 shirts. Once we were done with the final group of VIP and Photograph Session holders, artist management informed us that they were sending the artist back to the hotel and would regretfully not be doing the final fan engagements. Whether or not the artist was informed of the full situation is still unclear to us.

"We were instructed to issue an official statement and apology indemnifying the artist and the artist agency of the day's events, and had we not, they would not be performing the next day in Toronto," the Statement of Clarification reads.

TGM let go of their production manager after complaints also came in about interaction with fans. But Atlanta wasn't the only problematic stop on the tour. BTS fans in Houston were also shut out of the concert at the House of Blues.

According to the TGM statement, "the Houston venue was not over capacity," in spite of persistent rumors online.

"Had we been over capacity, there would have been people who were denied entry into the venue. This was not the case in Houston," Leong explained.

One of the problems being reported is that Houston light, sound, and video production company AURA Systems were not paid for microphone rental for the Houston show. AURA reached out to TGM via Twitter asking how they could "reach someone in management?"

Leong explained that she was "aware that Aura Systems has been trying to reach out" to the company.

"Aura Systems was given a card as a form of payment, belonging to our former production manager, and we are looking into why the payment failed," the statement reads.

"Aura Systems was a single oversight and we will work to rectify this."

The BTS tour isn't the first time TGM Events has been hit with controversial charges. A recent tour they managed for Eric Lam is also the subject of a petition for refunds. wrote that petitions are only a half measure and suggested that fans file a complaint against TGM Events with the Better Business Bureau.

KpopStarz's requests for comment from TGM Events' Nadia Leong were not immediately responded to.

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