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BTOB, Highlight and Several Kpop Stars Diplomas got revoked by South Korea's Ministry of Education

News 01.21.19 | 03:02PM EST

South Korea's Ministry of Education have revoked several Kpop Idols diplomas degree at Dongshin University, after finding out many of them did not attend enough classes to fulfill the requirements for graduation.

A Snapshot of Tweeter Feed

YouTube temporary removed K-pop Music Videos By BTS, TWICE And BLACKPINK

News 01.18.19 | 04:25PM EST

Youtube temporary removed several of the biggest names in K-pop due to false copyright claims. Within one and a half hour of the mass removal Youtube has reinstalled for viewers to continue to enjoy.


Twice, "December Special Album Release, Gift for Fans"

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 11.29.18 | 10:49PM EST

On November 26th, an official of Twice's agency JYP Entertainment said, "Twice will release a new album and we will tell you a concrete schedule soon."



News 09.21.18 | 04:01PM EDT

To celebrate the first ever K-Expo our dear friends at All That Korea and DramaFever are giving away a few goodies for the event!


Nine Muses Kyungri, a solo debut on her birthday on July 5th.

News 06.22.18 | 09:28PM EDT

Nine Muses' Kyungri (28, whose name is Park Kyung-ri), who will meet her birthday on July 5th next month, will release hr debut solo album on this day.


Mamamoo, new song 'Everyday' preview video release

News 03.28.18 | 10:02PM EDT

The girl group Mamamoo released a preview video of the new song 'Everyday' on the 29th.


'Comeback' Winner, 2nd regular group poster released

Hot Issues 03.22.18 | 10:30PM EDT

YG Entertainment announced today 10:00 am on its official blog, announcing a group poster of Winner.


BTS, Youtube 10 million subscribers

Hot Issues 03.19.18 | 10:09PM EDT

BigHeat Entertainment's official YouTube account subscribers of the group BTS have surpassed 10 million.

Hope World

BTS J-Hop Album Billboard 38th, K Pop Solo Record High

News 03.15.18 | 09:11PM EDT

The first solo mix tape of J-Hop (Jung Hyo-suk, 24), a group BTS, was ranked 38th on the Billboard 200 album chart. It is the best record for a Korean solo album.

iKON sweeps 1st place for 28 days

News 02.22.18 | 07:24PM EST

iKON has been at number one on the album chart for 28 days.

wanna one

Wanna One comeback date confirmed on March 19

News 02.20.18 | 07:47PM EST

YMC Entertainment, a management company of Wanna One, said on December 20, "Wanna One has recently taken a music video and will release a new album on the 19th of next month."

BTS billboard

Billboard opens BTS category

News 02.19.18 | 05:21PM EST

The BTS category was opened on the main billboard homepage on the 14th. The category includes actual bulletin board news.


WANNA ONE Official Profile Photos Released

Headlines 06.27.17 | 06:55AM EDT

WANNA ONE Official Profile Photos Released. Check them out here.

kim woo bin and shin min ah couple

Shin Min-a Never Leaves Kim Woo-bin Alone! Couple Always Visit Hospital Together

Breaking News 06.23.17 | 12:38PM EDT

Kim Woo Bin and Girlfriend Shin Min Ah Spotted Going to Hospital for Cancer Treatments.


GOT7 Becomes First-Ever K-pop Group To Hold Concerts In 4 Cities Of Thailand

Breaking News 06.23.17 | 02:33PM EDT

GOT7 has won the hearts of many Thai fans by becoming the first K-pop group to hold concerts in 4 cities of Thailand.

Ji Chang Wook Suspicious Partner

Ji Chang Wook Lines Up Final Farewell To Fans Before Enlistment

Stars on TV / Movies 06.23.17 | 10:51AM EDT

Ji Chang Wook has lined up two projects before he enlists for the military this year.

G-Dragon Untitled, 2014

Who Is The Best K-pop Idol? BTS, TWICE, G-Dragon & IU Ranked No. 1!

Breaking News 06.23.17 | 10:51AM EDT

Entertainment CEOs participated in a survey to determine who is the most influential idols and producers are in the K-pop industry.

Nam Tae Hyun

Nam Tae Hyun Drops Cover Of G-Dragon's 'Untitled 2014'

Breaking News 06.22.17 | 03:17PM EDT

Nam Tae Hyun surprises fans when he and his band South Club release an acoustic cover of G-Dragon's "Untitled 2014."

BTS Billboard Music Awards 2017

BTS Suprasses Taylor Swift's 28-Week Record On Billboard Chart, Trails Justin Bieber

Hot Issues 06.22.17 | 10:39AM EDT

BTS has maintained its position on the Billboard Social 50 Chart and surpassed Taylor Swift, making the K-pop group the artist with the second most number of weeks on the chart next to Justin Bieber.

Lee Joon Gi

Lee Joon Gi Talks About 'Criminal Minds' Role

Breaking News 06.22.17 | 03:00PM EDT

Lee Joon Gi talks about his upcoming role as a criminal profiler in the Korean version of "Criminal Minds."


BIGBANG Seungri To Compete In Jiu Jitsu Tournament in New York

Breaking News 06.22.17 | 02:45PM EDT

BIGBANG maknae Seungri is hard at work training to compete for a jiu jitsu competition in New York this July.

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