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B.A.P Reveals How Much They Miss The Stage After Being On Hiatus For Almost Two Years

By Jackie Chung | November 20, 2015 11:50 PM EST


B.A.P revealed how it felt to be back after a year and nine month hiatus.

On Nov. 20, B.A.P held an interview in the waiting room of "Music Bank" and talked about their fourth EP, MATRIX, and their plans for the next few weeks.

"Even the waiting room changed a lot while we were gone," Bang Yongguk said. "This is our first comeback stage so we're really nervous. It almost feels like we're back to debut days so it's refreshing too. We debuted just in 2012 but we already have junior singers, which is funny too."

B.A.P released their fourth EP, MATRIX, on Nov. 16 along with its title song "Young, Wild & Free." Leader Bang wrote the song himself, adding onto the weight of the song.

"Instead of trying to show something, we simply contained stories of ourselves. I think it's fun because it's an image of B.A.P that we ourselves created. I love that we can create our own story," said Himchan.

The music video for "Young, Wild & Free" hit 1.2 million views on the day it was released, proving their undying popularity. The video was not only popular within Korea but all over the world.

"We're so thankful that we have so many fans who show us love. Jongup and Zelo took part of the choreography too so that added onto our perfection. But more than anything, I'm just so thankful that we get to be on the stage again. We would watch music programs, concerts, and award ceremonies together and think 'I wish we were there too'," said Daehyun.

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