Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed December 2015

2015 sure was one exciting year, fashion included. Let’s check out which artists closed out the year with these December trends!

“Daddy” by PSY

It wouldn’t be a PSY music video if there wasn’t some quirky outfit choices involved. The music video for “Daddy” was no exception to this trend. PSY featured himself along with many others in quite the array of outfits throughout the music video; this includes but is certainly not limited to salsa dancers, doctors, elementary student uniforms, and even a somewhat greasy old-timer.

“Softly” by Starship Entertainment

Along with PSY, the artists of Starship Entertainment helped kick off the winter month with a warning Christmas track. Starship exhibited the epitome of Christmas cheer with thick-knitted sweaters, suits with wintery accents of red and spruce green, and holiday plaid.

“Q&A” by Seventeen and Ailee

Woozi, S.Coups, and Vernon teamed up with Ailee for the lighthearted music video “Q&A”. As the video concentrated on the boys trying to figure out girls, Seventeen went for the school boy concept along with hints of the innocent teenage casual attire as well.

“AALOW AALOW” by Laboum

Laboum returned with a funky disco themed sound for “AALOW AALOW”. Because of the 80’s sound, the ladies of Laboum even altered their style to match featuring straight-collared blouses, box pleated skirts, and chunky heeled pumps.

“Eureka” by Zico and Zion.T

While Zico did occasionally have different themes occurring in the “Eureka” music video, the style was almost entirely based off men’s fashion from the 20’s. The musiv video as well featured some attire centered on ancient Egypt as well.

“Again” by Turbo

Turbo returned with a special comeback album celebrating their 20th anniversary since their debut. After two decades, Turbo was still able to swoon the hearts of fans with their latest track “Again”. The music video featured the trio dressed down in all black with hints of leather included. Their choice of sunglasses along with the scenery of the music video helped give it a futuristic theme.

“Star Wars” by Cheetah

The Unpretty Rapstar Season One queen herself dropped her “Star Wars” track during the second half December. For the music video, the fierce rapper featured two different styles contrasting one another. Her first outfit consisted of a simple sleeveless white T-shirt, snapback and thick chain. On the other hand, Cheetah’s other was a chic button down white blazer with her short locks glossed back for a boss style.

“This Love” by Yoon Mirae

The multi-talented artist returned with the beautiful ballad “This Love” and with it brought a number of polished styles. Throughout the music video, Yoon Mirae is seen donning a slew of elegant ballroom with a hairstyle befitting of each one. Yoon Mirae also gave off a mysterious look with smoky eye makeup and bold red lips.

“Dumb & Dumber” by iKON

From leather studded bad boys to pajama cladded night owls, iKON had a look for just about anyone. The boys also went for a more subtle look with various tinted blazers layer over black shirts and thin gold chains.

“Love Letter” by Jun.K (2PM)

2PM’s Jun.K helped us close out 2015 with the mellow yet uplifting track “Love Letter”. The attire chosen for the music video was just as festive as the track itself. One of Jun.K’s outfits seemed quite reminiscent of the Nutcracker which is appropriate for the holiday season. His other suits were also doll like with patterns of black and white polka-dot, golden yellows and bright turquoise.

January is sure to be another thrilling month as we bring in 2016 with rumored comebacks from WINNER, 4Minute, GFRIEND and more!

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