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Wardrobe Inspection: K-Pop's Best Dressed February 2016

By Nikole Smith | March 01, 2016 10:51 AM EST


February may be the shortest month of the year but it was far from being short of comebacks. A number of groups and soloists came into bring the heat for one of the final winter months.

Check out which groups' music video concepts rocked the K-pop scene last month:

"Hate" by 4Minute

4Minute made a strong comeback with “Hate” for February and draped themselves in outfits as bold as the song. The ladies stuck to a strict black, white, and red theme while draped in plenty of lace and leather. The style made a sharp left and 4Minute made the switch to hip-hop gear and Timberland style boots and bandanas.

"Rain" by Taeyeon

The Girls’ Generation member returned with another solo track and brought perfect rainy day attire. The music video for “Rain” featured cozy indoor clothes with shorts and a fluffy white sweater fit for a day inside.

"Love You More" by Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)

Despite serving his mandatory military service, JYJ member Kim Jaejoong released the music video for rock track “Love You More”. The stories featured in the music video showcase a number of clothing styles including athletic, hip-hop, casual, the artist himself donned in three very different blouses showing off some skin in the process.

"I'm Jelly Baby" by AOA Cream (AOA)

Just like the title and sub-unit name, the wardrobe concept for “I’m Jelly Baby” was quite sweet. Each outfit went through a Sailor Moon transformation to achieve each pastel tinted frill and sequin.

“High Heels” by CLC

CLC also hopped on the pastel train this month as many accents were spotted in their comeback track “High Heels”. Each member as well had their own representative colors and collar cuts.

“Feel So Good” by B.A.P

The ladies weren’t the only ones to go pastel this month. B.A.P made us “Feel So Good” in their latest music video with some eye-grabbing hues. Though there were many shades both pink and yellow seems to be the dominate forces here.

“Galaxy” by Ladies’ Code

After over a year and a half, Ladies’ Code is back with their soulful track “Galaxy”. Their wardrobe for the music video mainly consisted of loose fitting white ensembles with the exception of a bright red and white shatter printed top. The ladies also took to a short style of tea dresses with thick pumps.

“You’re The Best” by MAMAMOO

Are there enough fingers between both hands to count the number of outfit changes in MAMAMOO’s latest video for “You’re the Best”? The ladies made their return late February and put a modern spin to 70’s vintage clothing featuring a slew of high-waisted denim jeans and baseball jersey tops. The quartet as well donned themselves in bright and refreshing perfect to ring in the incoming spring.

“Overcome” by NU’EST

The boys of NU’EST trudged through a brutal winter and into the hearts of fans for the “Overcome” music video. Classic and chic black suits with sparks of white and elegant collar emblems fit the intensity of the comeback quite well.

“Press Your Number” by Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin’s highly anticipated comeback left fans swooning and awaiting more. Perhaps it was the bad boy look the singer sported in the music video for “Press Your Number”. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and the bad boy bike jacked topped off with the class ripped denim. Although Taemin did take trip to the older days in his velvet suit complete with cascade collar and flounce cuffs.

If you thought February was jam-packed with comebacks just wait until March with expected comebacks from AOA’s Jimin, FIESTAR, and GOT7!

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