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SHINee's Taemin Sheds Light On His New Album In Singles Magazine [PHOTOS]

By Tara Edwards | February 26, 2016 10:54 AM EST


After spending time promoting a new album last summer with his fellow group members, SHINee's Taemin has officially released his second solo album, "Push It."

As part of his promotions for the new album, Taemin recently graced the cover of the Korean magazine "Singles" and talked about various aspects of his new album. Specifically, Taemin explained how he felt the album reflected his personality, what the choreography was like, and future artists he'd like to work with.

According to Soompi, Taemin participated in a lot of the structuring of the album and felt that his influence is visible.

"[The Album] reflects a lot of my own color," said Taemin.

As Taemin is known for his impeccable dancing skills, perhaps it's no surprise that the singer mentioned that he worked closely with his dancers on the choreography.

"A lot of modifications were made to the choreography during practice, so I practiced a lot with my dancers," Taemin explained.

Taemin's "Push It" album features the title track "Press Your Number." The title track was produced by Bruno Mars and The Stereotypes, showing Taemin's willingness to collaborate with different artists. When asked who he most likes to work with however, Taemin chose EXO's Kai and HOTSHOT's Timoteo. Specficially, he's said, he likes working with people he's already friendly with.

"I want to produce something with my friends. I feel if I'm with my friends, who I've been close to since our trainee days, then I can complete anything with overflowing energy."

Taemin's new album "Push It" is now available on iTunes.

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