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EXO fans accuse Melon Music Awards of foul play after BTS won album of the year

By Carlo Rodriguez | November 24, 2016 08:58 AM EST


The Melon Music Awards may be over but the drama definitely isn't. After winning five of their six nominations, fans can definitely say that EXO went home satisfied but for their fans, it's a whole different story. EXO fans have accused Melon Music Awards of rigging the results after BTS took home Album of the Year.

Now, it's no secret that EXO and BTS fans may have 'somewhat' of a feud but as of late, most of the people who have been pitting the two popular idol groups against each other seemed to have accepted the fact that both groups are successful and popular in their own ways. Unfortunately, the recently concluded Melon Music Awards seems to have reignited this rivalry (if fans can call it that) after EXO fans cried foul play against Melon Music Awards for giving BTS the Album of the Year award, Allkpop reports.

But before fans make their own prejudgment and conclusion, both sides did present substantial evidence based on their own analysis.

In defense of EXO fans, they have presented a reasonable argument. EXO fans used Melon Music's own basis for the Album of the Year calculation which is 70% in music score and 30% fan votes. And the music score itself is calculated by way of 40% streaming and a 60% in downloads which Melon Music calls Trend Chart. According to the fans, EXO has consistently ranked higher in the Trend Chart than BTS. Now in terms of the fan votes, EXO fans say that EXO has dominated in this category as well and to further validate their argument, they provided screen shots of the charts before and after voting was closed. According to them, EXO has earned 46% of the votes while BTS garnered 34%.

If fans think about the argument provided by EXO fans, it actually makes so much sense and their outrage is understandable. However, in defense of BTS, ARMY fans have caught an audio from a Melon Music employee conversing with a fan (possibly an EXO fan), talking about the scores and results. According to the employee, Melon's internal data states that EXO had scored lower than BTS in the previous year and that since the data is internal, it cannot be publicly released. The employee also insisted that there should be no problem because BTS had been streamed more than EXO.

In a report published by iTech Post, angry fans who have made their own analysis say that ZICO should have won artist of the year since according to them, he has made more digital sales than GFRIEND and EXO. Apart from that, there are also fans who thought that EXO deserved Album of the Year while BTS should've gotten Artist of the Year.

Whatever people may think, though, it all boils down to the fact that both EXO and BTS are deserving of their fans' love and their success so no matter what issues or conflicts that may arise for them, the very fact that they have countless of fans who adore and support them, means both groups will persevere.

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