APink Shows Off Their Adorable Personalities At 'Pink Aurora Asia Tour In Singapore 2016'

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Apink held their second fan meet this year in Singapore on November 25.

As expected, the venue was filled with Pink Pandas(official club name). Although they had visited Singapore earlier this year in April, the girls were happy to be back to meet their fans! The moment the showcase started with the opening VCR, the fans were up on their feet screaming for the ladies.

The crowd went crazy as the ladies of Apink walked on stage with the silhouette. They kicked off the fan meet with their recent comeback song "Only One". After their opening stage, the ladies introduced themselves. Naeun and Eunji attempted to draw closer to the fans by speaking in English.  

After the introduction segment, the girls continued to perform "Remember", "Boom Pow Love" before heading over to their next segment. During "Remember" performance, Bomi slipped and fell. Thankfully it was not a bad fall, she was able to recover fast, maintain her poise and continue dancing. Throughout the performances, Apink couldn't help but showed love to their dearest fans by throwing hearts and also waved to them.

The next segment was "Show me the Apink!" Fans wrote those questions before the concert. Bomi and Naeun were tasked to be the MC for the segment. They promised to answer the questions honestly by pointing the members with the finger pointers. Namjoo was the first person to pick the question. Her question was "Which member that can't hide her expression when she's lying?" The members chose Namjoo and explained that Namjoo's eyes will tend to look around when she's lying. As for the member who could hide her expression or emotions was Naeun. Hayoung picked the second question, "Which member is the worst at playing games?" The members all picked Chorong. Another question where all the members unanimously pointed at Chorong was "Who has the worst alcohol habit?" Chorong defended, "It's a misunderstanding. I don't have alcohol habit." Hayoung was asked to share her experience, when Chorong gets drunk, she shows cuteness ageyo and keeps repeat "Why do you like this?" (Because she felt the beer was not tasty).  

After the Q&A segment, the VCR played the behind the scenes of the new album's photo shoot and the making of their music videos. Apink also taught their fans how to dance to "Mr Chu", hoping that the fans could dance along with them.

When the ladies were back on stage again with "Mr Chu"and "No No No", the venue was filled with fan chants and also loud screams from the excited fans. After getting the fans hyped up, it's time for games! Apink had a blast playing games with fans as they brought 2 fans up on stage and also to interact with them!

One of the memorable moments was during "Secret" and "Love performances. The fans had prepared a heartwarming event. They've made the venue rain pink balloons. Chorong said that Apink was touched with this surprise while smiling sweetly to the fans showing her appreciation.

After they said their goodbyes, the fans kept on cheering for "ENCORE!" The girls came on stage with signed balls and threw them to their fans as gifts! The girls said their final goodbye. They wished fans a safe trip home and to keep warm in the rainy weather in Singapore! Although the fan meeting was short, it was definitely a beautiful memory filled with love and laugher for both Apink and their fans. Before they left the stage, they promised they will be back.

Watch Apink performances below:

Special thanks to Three Angles Group for inviting to cover Apink Pink Aurora Asia Tour In Singapore 2016.

Writer: Hanisah | Photo and Video Credits: Ong Melin

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