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LOOK: BTS members’ funny look-alikes

By Charmaine Distor | December 21, 2016 07:44 PM EST


2016 has been really good to the seven boys of BTS, and for sure, the boys and the ARMYs are somewhat exhausted from all the activities this year. So to chill out, here's something refreshing to laugh at.

Last week, online forum and community boards were in a buzz as fans collected funny photos of Jungkook, V, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Monster. As if it's not enough, they also made collages of these photos alongside each members' lookalikes. All Kpop noted that the list of photos contained the members' celebrity lookalikes and other popular entertainers.

However, Koreaboo also wrote that while some of the photos really looked like as if they were really the BTS members, some only had similar accessories, haircuts, and facial expressions which garnered mixed reactions from netizens and fans alike.

Do you already have a hunch on who will be that lookalike of your favorite BTS member? Check the photos below and see for yourself!

1. V & EXO's Baekhyun


 A lot of fans are actually agreeing on the resemblance of the two idols. Some even noted that it might be due to the similarity of the eyes and some gestures of the two guys. Baekhyun also recently starred in a traditional drama "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" and V will be in another traditional drama entitled "Hwarang". Will fans mistake each other's identity this time?

2. SUGA & Seventeen's Woozi


 Although the two idols might not share the same hair color in this collage, anyone can actually see how Suga resembles Seventeen's Woozi. With the same spectacles, hairstyle, and the cute little eyes, definitely, the two can also be the next idol twins.

3. Jin & Black Pink's Jisoo


 Yes, the list isn't restricted to male lookalikes. Fans have noted the similarity of the two idols when it comes to their eyes. Some even shipped the two idols for looking alike.

4. J-Hope and comedian Kim Ki Soo


 Sharing the same angle, J-Hope resembled the comedian in this collage. They also share the same hair color and messy do. Do you think the two can pass as brothers?

5. Rap Monster & model Park Shin Ae


 Rap Monster is one of the BTS members who has the pair of common eye shape for a typical Korean. But, netizens can't help but be in awe as his picture was joined beside model Park Shin Ae's close up photo. Shin Ae can actually be Rap Monster's long lost sister.

6. Jimin & producer Don Spike


 This collage is one of the photos that could garner a lot of laughter from fans and critics alike. Although producer Don Spike might be anonymous to some, some fans admitted how he can actually pass as Jimin by wearing a wig.

7. Jungkook & Yoo Jae Suk


 National MC Yoo Jae Suk was dubbed to be Jungkook's funny lookalike as some stated that the two have the same smile and protruded lips. Jae Suk was known to be a lookalike of Yoda from Running Man viewers, does this mean Jungkook can pass as Yoda's lookalike?

Some might disagree and some might agree, but bear in mind that these lookalike list isn't exhaustive and was just made for fun. Kpop Starz wishes the best for BTS and of course, the ARMYs all over the world. Happy holidays!

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