[Review] Thunder's comeback and debut single 'Sign'

Former MBLAQ member Thunder has recently released his self-named album with the title track "Sign".

"Sign" garnered many anticipation as its teasers are clever and funky. And of course, it's been pretty long that Thunder has rested from the K-Pop scene after leaving MBLAQ and J-Tune entertainment, and it's refreshing to see him back even as a solo artist.

So, is "Sign" the sign that Thunder will be on the boom as a solo artist? Check this review that Kpop Starz did for the said comeback single of Dara's younger brother.

As a fan of the early K-Pop scene, I truly looked forward to Thunder's comeback even if I would prefer and love to see MBLAQ more on the scene as an entire group. I actually anticipated the teaser photos and when I finally saw the teaser video, I got more excited as the beat of the song was pretty catchy.

Lo and behold, the MV for "Sign" finally got released and I had a rush of mixed emotions.


Personally, I am a fan of jazz music and hearing a lot of funky jack-swings and strumming in a K-Pop song is a thumbs up for me (who wouldn't adore having two favorite things infused into one, right?). Jazz music has an automatic sexy vibe in it, and as mentioned from previous articles about Thunder's comeback like what I did earlier here on Kpop Starz, Thunder is aiming for a more mature and sexier concept for his debut as a solo artist. Definitely, "Sign" is the perfect single for that.

However, "Sign" also has its downsides. I know Thunder has a good voice perfect for rapping but I was pretty disappointed that most of the song had his voice on autotune sounding like his sister's autotuned voice. Most of the reviews for his song like what All Kpop wrote also noted this as a downside.


"Sign" is Thunder's song featuring former KARA member Goo Hara. I'm also a fan of KARA and hearing about the two of them collaborating for a song unleashed the inner fangirl in me. So, when I watched the MV, just imagine my dismay when I didn't see any glimpse of Hara on the MV.

That aside, I liked the concept of the MV as a whole. The MV showed how to win a girl's heart. Although some may not like the symbolism used in this MV, I actually liked it where the female lead shots Thunder every time he did some mistakes. The scene restarts as if saying "try and try until you succeed". Moreover, the studio setup has the K-Pop trademark where there are popping colors that only Koreans can pull off. Even if I hated not seeing Hara on the MV, I must admit that the girl who lip-synced Hara's parts is really pretty.

Regarding the dance moves of "Sign", they are smooth and simple with fancy footwork but for sure, it would have been better if he pulled off some MBLAQ acrobatics so that it could add more on the wow factor of this single.

I can't still get over the fact that Hara wasn't on the MV, but it's good to see that his sister, Dara, made a cameo on the MV as a time keeper who could have been responsible for giving Thunder the chance to restart whenever he makes a mistake.

If you haven't heard nor seen Thunder's latest single "Sign", it's not too late to check it out below.

Thunder solo
Thunder ft Hara


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