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Kim Joo Hyuk Was Visited By '1 Night 2 Days' Members And Shared His Thought Of The Hardest Time Leaving The Group

By Siti Fatimah | February 01, 2017 08:40 AM EST


The members are complete now in the variety show of "1 Night 2 Days." With the coming of Jung Joon Young, now they are complete as 6. Starting the new episode, the members went to Kim Joo Hyuk to give their bow for Lunar New Year as he was the oldest member.

Joo Hyuk was the member in "1 Night 2 Days". Despite being the oldest, he often showed his competitiveness and his funny side. He even once won an award for his performance in this variety. When he was visited by all current members, he told them about the time when he felt the saddest leaving the show.

According to report from soompi, he said that the saddest moment was when he left the group chat. At first he felt fine as he wanted to leave the show for a better result. He didn't want to disappoint others and he wanted to do more of acting. But it made him upset a bit when he had to leave the group chat.

He often said during interview or when he was in the show that he couldn't do better and his lack skill in variety might slow down the group. He said that it would be better to leave the group. It was hard for him to let go of his image and came up in the show. But as he did it, he had no fear anymore and he really had fun.

The members and the crew of "1 Night 2 Days" are known to help and take care of each other. Thus, Joo Hyuk thought he could do it well in the show. He could survive for such period and it was a big success. He is more known by people and his acting gets better because of his appearance in the show.

The image of him, "Gutaeng", comes up from an episode in the show and it was really funny. Now, many people recognize him and he feels so grateful to appear on the show again with the members.

According to allkpop report, Joo Hyuk left the show after being a regular member for 2 years. It was a big achievement for both the show and for him. He has made a history for himself to come up at the show and expose his silly side.

With the reunion of the group, Joo Hyuk was really happy to see them. Plus, there was Siyoon as the new member who could give energy to the group.

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