JYP Entertainment Cancels '6 Nights' Concert As 2PM's Jun. K Is Still Recovering

Bad news for 2PM fans: JYP Entertainment has just announced that the"6 Nights" concert on March 3-5 will be canceled. This is because of the recent injury sustained by member Jun. K after falling off the stage.

All Kpop reports that on Feb. 28, 2PM's agency JYP Entertainment made an official announcement regarding the group's "6 Nights" concert. The slated concert on March 3-5 will, unfortunately, be canceled.

The agency said they were remorseful for all the fans that have been waiting for 2PM's concert. "We're letting you know the concerts planned for March 3-5 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium have been canceled," added JYP Entertainment in their statement.

As previously reported, member Jun. K fell from the stage during 2PM's "6 Nights" concert on Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul. Member Jun. K fell at a height of almost 10 feet (3 meters).

2PM was about to execute the moves for the song "Hands Up" when the idol fell off the stage. Jun. K was moving across the moving trolley props when he fell. The concert was immediately stopped and Jun. K was sent to a local hospital.

Jun. K's examination report revealed that the K-pop idol suffered a fracture on his right elbow as he attempted to soften his fall. His 4th right finger had also suffered a fracture. JYP Entertainment released a statement on Feb. 27 assuring fans that Jun. K will be treated with the best medical treatment. The agency also added that they will be assigning a staff member to watch over Jun. K.

JYP Entertainment was also apologetic in their Feb. 27 statement as they have failed to ensure the group's safety on stage. The agency, however, promised to keep the fans up to date regarding Jun. K's medical condition.

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