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2NE1's 'I Am The Best' Features In SyFy's 'The Magicians' Plus Other K-pop Hits Used In US Shows, Movies

By Angie Chui | March 15, 2017 06:13 AM EDT


Even months after the group has disbanded, 2NE1 songs are still making waves internationally. 2NE1's song "I am the Best," was recently featured in SyFy's "The Magicians."

According to Koreaboo, the song was used in the episode entitled "Plan B" wherein the lead characters were attempting to rob a bank. One of the characters Elliot, can be seen rolling a mini disco ball towards the guards on duty, which compels them to dance along to "I am the Best." The disco ball is later revealed to be a magical item which hypnotized them to dance out of the room.

This was not the first time that the 2NE1 hit was used for a US-based campaign as it can be recalled that it was also used as the backdrop to one of Microsoft's commercials for its Surface 3 laptop. "I am the Best," was also not the only song to be featured in US televisions shows and movies.

According to K-pop Amino, BIG BANG's "Fantastic Baby" was used at the height of Glee's popularity as Harry Shum Jr.'s character Mike Chang tried to teach the Glee newbies how to get their groove on. The same show similarly used PSY's "Gangnam Style" as part of the New Direction's performance in the Sectional competition, which brought the crowd on its feet.

PSY's "Gangnam Style" complete with an animated depiction of the singer, was also shown in the end credits of the movie "The Nut Jobs." Like PSY, the Wonder Girls also enjoyed great international success with their hit "Nobody." The song was used in animated film "Penguins of Madagascar."

Meanwhile, one of the coolest uses of K-pop hits in a big budget movie was most probably TVXQ's "Rising Sun". The song served as the background music for one of the chase scenes in "Fast and Furious 4."

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