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IU Shares Her Thoughts On 'Palette' Success In A Recent 'Picnic Live' Episode

By Eddwyn A. | May 12, 2017 01:09 PM EDT


Singer-songwriter IU recently appeared on MBC Music's "Picnic Live" episode aired on Thursday, May 11. She was interviewed regarding the success of her latest album "Palette".

As reported by Soompi, IU was interviewed by the well-known lyricist Kim Eana, who also worked with IU. Kim questioned IU on how she feels about the good reviews and support for her 4th album "Palette".

In her response, IU revealed that "Palette's" success made her feel good. However, she added how it also made her a lonely.

Kim Eana has worked for a long time with IU. IU's responses made Kim reveal how IU tends to feel lonely when her songs or albums do well. "You need to learn to enjoy your success," advised Kim Eana towards IU.

IU then replied how she actually likes it when she does well and that she tries to enjoy the achievement. However, she still feels lonely, especially with "Palette".

A fan then commented how IU has friends and that she should share and celebrate with them. The fan also added how IU should focus on the "half-full" part of the cup.

Meanwhile, IU also explained how the track "Palette" was chosen to be the title track of her 4th album. As reported by All Kpop, the track "Twenty Five" was also considered to be the album's title track.

IU continued to explain that she chose "Palette" to be the title track because it mirrored who she was. "It was just the right word to describe my very nature. My current state was 'Palette' itself," she added.

IU also took the time to respond on how other people reacted negatively to "Palette". While other people praised and took the album with an open heart, others were somewhat wondering about the true meaning of the album, stating how "it's only about herself".

IU fired back by stating the fact that people wanted her to sing songs they could empathize. But now that she released exactly what they wanted, they can't relate to it anymore. Maybe it's the reason why IU feels lonely.

Meanwhile, listen to IU's "Palette" down below. Stay tuned here at KpopStarz for more IU and Kpop news!

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