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Kim Ui Seong Reveals Severity Of Online Hate He Experienced When He Defended Sulli From Bashers

By Angie Chui | May 19, 2017 12:15 PM EDT


"W: Two Worlds" star Kim Ui Seong recently revealed that he was the subject to a lot of social media bashing recently when he dared stand up for Kpop-idol turned actress Sulli when she made some controversial Instagram posts recently. The actress, who got a lot of hate for her posts took the bashing in stride but found a surprising ally in the actor.

In a recent guesting for Happy Together, the actor admitted that he was taken aback by the level of hatred he got when he tried to counter all the negativity from the comments on Sulli's post into a positive. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, the actor stood up for the "Real" actress and said that the way she was unaffected by the haters was cool., All Kpop reported.

"Sulli, who keeps on uploading photos without providing needless explanations, is the coolest in the world," Kim Ui Seong said on his own social media page. He also told off persistent bashers to ''live your own life."

Kim Ui Seong said that he did not regret defending Sulli to the online bullies but was really surprised at the level of bashing he got from speaking his mind. Still, he maintained his position and tried to deal with the haters in a diplomatic fashion.

It can be recalled not too long ago that former f(x) member Sulli raised a lot of red flags when she posted some provocative photos of herself on Instagram including one with her and Hara wearing long sleeved shirts with Johnson's Baby Oil on it. Netizens believe that it was a Lolita concept because the two artists may be wearing nothing underneath. Another post was of rice shaped like I love you but the I and U seemed to look like genitalia.

Even today, Sulli, who has just confirmed that she is dating brand director Kim Min Jun is getting a lot of hate from netizens after it is speculated that she cheated on ex-boyfriend Choiza while they were still together. Still, netizens continue to fan the rumor mill with speculation despite no confirmation of exactly what caused the break-up of the long-time couple, Kpopstarz reported.  

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