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Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun Set Internet Ablaze With Unique 'Supicious Partner' Kiss Scene

By Angie Chui | June 06, 2017 09:11 AM EDT


The scenes are heating up in SBS' "Suspicious Partner" and so are the scenes between lead stars Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun. Fans of the show who have been hooked to the series because of the strong chemistry between the two leads are already waiting with bated breath to see what happens to the characters as the story unfolds.

Based on a report by Soompi, some romantic tension is slowly becoming felt in "Suspicious Partner" Episode 16 when Nam Ji Hyun's character Bong Hee, was discreetly followed by Ji Chang Wook's character Ji Wook as she takes a call from Chan Ho, played by Jin Joo Hyung. Prompted by jealousy Ji Wook scolds her for her actions which he later apologizes for when they reach her house.

The memorable "Suspicious Partner" scene ends with a kiss. However, what got the fans attention was that the kissing scene featured no background music. Unlike other previous kiss scenes, this enabled viewers to concentrate fully on the pure chemistry and rapport between the two actors.

SBS also released some behind the scenes footage for the "Suspicious Partner" episode which showed Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun conferring with director Park Seon Ho as they prepared for the scene. The actors were shown as they practiced their lines and did a few "trial" kisses for the actual scene.

Ji Chang Wook has earlier expressed excitement about starring in a romantic comedy like "Suspicious Partner" which comes as a welcome break from his string of action roles from "Healer" and "The K2." The actor also starred in his first film role in "Fabricated City" before starring in the SBS drama.

Ji Chang Wook is reportedly planning to enlist after filming "Suspicious Partner." In an interview with the Cultwo Show, the actor said that he plans to fulfill his military duties first before he resumes his acting career, All Kpop reported. 

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