Big Bang's T.O.P No Longer Serving In The Military

Wih the dust from Big Bang T.O.P's recent marijuana scandal finally settling into the ground, the final decisions regarding his military status has been revealed.

According to the police at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department in Gangnam on July 31st, T.O.P. will no longer be able to serve in the military as a conscripted policeman. If you're not familiar with the military's jargon, a conscripted soldier or policemen are people who were recruited or have volunteered to serve as combat police to fight North Korean infiltrators or help the police maintain public security. 

However, simply because T.O.P has been stripped of his title doesn't mean he will be exempt from serving his mandatory enlistment and fulfilling his responsibilities.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department announced that they are planning to request a new position for T.O.P at the Republic Of Korea Headquarters. Once the request is accepted, T.O.P can no longer serve as a conscripted officer and will instead serve and complete his remaining duties as a public service social worker or a full-time reserve soldier. 

In other news, T.O.P was reported to have recently given up his right to appeal. He has been sentenced to 2 years probation with a 10-month prison statement if he breaks said probation. He also paid a $12 fine. What do you think of T.O.P's ending results? 

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