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Fans Fear U-KISS Kiseop's Tragic Accident Will Be Similar To James Lee of Royal Pirates

By Edward Leary | September 06, 2017 09:32 PM EDT


On September 6th, tragic news was recently shared of an on set filming incident involving U-KISS member Kiseop. During filming for the group's long awaited comeback MV, a smoke machine exploded during member Kiseop's solo scene which caused severe 2nd-degree burns and lodged pieces of set material into his body. 

Kiseob was immediately hospitalized and is currently resting. Their agency uploaded the photo above of his current condition. The idol suffered severe damage on the right side of his face as well as his left arm and hand. Fans immediately began to worry and wondered if the aftermath will result in a situation similar to Royal Pirates member James Lee or even the Chinese actor Yu Hao Ming whose face was burned off during a fire on a drama set of 'Boys Over Flowers.'

While the Chinese actor was able to recover with minimal disfiguration to his face, James Lee of Korean rock band Royal Pirates was not so lucky. James had suffered from severe nerve damage after a glass frame fell from a restaurant and crushed his body, pinning him to the ground and crushing his left shoulder and wrist. James was unable to fully recover and gain feeling back in his wrist and hand which prevented him from playing the bass and delayed the group's comebacks and concerts ultimately. 

In the end, after playing keyboard for sometime with his bandmates, James had departed from Royal Pirates in January of this year saying in a hand-written letter that,"recently found out that on top of a possible 6th surgery to restore whatever function I can in my hand, I also have a blood clot in my brain. So I've accepted that leaving now is not guilting, but redirecting my life. And I hope you can agree that this is what's best." 

Fans are hoping this same kind of tragic ending does not happen to U-KISS' Kiseob and that he can recover properly in order to overcome any future ordeals regarding the incident. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Kiseob's condition.

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