WANNA-ONE Promises To Return To Singapore After Their Second Successful Show

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On Friday, 13th July, WANNA-ONE successfully finished their Singapore leg of their tour called .

Boasting a sold out show in the Indoor Stadium on their second visit, it was no surprise that fans were already at the venue early in the morning, despite the show was only starting at 8pm.

Excitement and anticipation buzzed in the air as the show approached the commencement time. WANNA-ONE started off the show with an air of exuberance, performing "Burn It Up", setting a very upbeat mood. They went on to perform fan favorites 'Never', and 'Energetic', which are all their title songs.

Next up were solo dance stages by Minhyun and Jinyoung, who each showcased beautiful talents  and niche in their dancing.

Bae Jinyoung, who is part of the "NAMBAWAN", or Number. 1, a subunit of WANNA-ONE consisting of Lai Kuanlin, Park Jihoon and himself, allowed his solo to start off the highly anticipated song, "11".

Afterwhich, "Lean On Me", the subunit by Yoon Jisung, Ha Sungwoon and Hwang Minhyun, performed 'Forever and A Day', which is also known as '영원+1'. The first stage was highly energetic, while the second stage showcased Jisung, Sungwoon and Minhyun's impressive vocals.

Next, Jihoon and Woojin performed a stunning duo performance of dance. Clad in black outfits, they put up an impressive set, where they were then joined by the rest of the WANNA-ONE members who wore a matching black outfits and performed 'BOOMERANG'.

They greeted the fans next, where each member took turns saying "Hello" and introducing themselves.

Woojin charmed everyone by saying that he thought that the prettiest and most handsome people in Singapore were all at the stadium with them that night. Leader Jisung also expressed his enthusiasm and happiness to be able to return to Singapore for a full fledged concert this time. Showing his caring side that fans have come to love, he also took the time to remind fans to take a step back for their safety.

WANNABLEs readiness was also tested when Daniel playfully asked to check on each tier of the audience, making each floor cheer individually. He seemed to be very pleased with what he heard.

The next song was 'Day by Day', which Jaehwan introduced as a song that had recently become very popular amongst fans. Still clad in black outfits, the members showed off a sensuous choreography, sending fans wild. Ong Seongwoo even treated the fans when he slipped on a pair of spectacles, a sight that his fans loved.

When it was Kang Daniel's turn, he took centre stage and belted out 'Beautiful'. He finished off the sweet melodious song with a solo dance that displayed his skill in dancing.

After another VCR break, fans were charmed with the famed voice of Jaehwan, who had previously won many competitions even just as a individual trainee without a company.

He performed the start of 'I Remember' solo, before the rest of the members joined in. The highlight would definitely be the banner project fans prepared, showing the words "WANNA-ONE".

Next up was another sweet melody, with an acoustic rendition of 'Always'. This time, fans joined in on the singing, creating a beautiful memory and scene. The banner project continued on, where the fans then held a message that said "언제까지나 함께할게", which translated to 'I'll always be with you (whenever)'. The members surely received the beautiful message, as Jisung even moved closer to read it aloud.

To the always stage, Daehwi said that he loved the vibes, sweetly calling WANNABLEs 'beautiful'. He also shared that he was really touched by WANNABLEs' singing.

That night, WANNA-ONE played a mini game to which the members had to re-enact scenarios. From soothing an angry girlfriend, drinking a cool drink in the hot weather, and enjoying chili crab, fans sure saw many sides of the 11 charmers. Showing how well-versed they are, they shared that they knew the line "So Shiok", a Singapore phrase that is used to typically describe enjoyment after experiencing something.

Daniel also mentioned he heard WANNABLEs using the words "Damn Nice!", which was the line they used for the chili crab scenario. It was also revealed that the boys had the Singapore chili crabs the day before the concert, and that it was Sungwoon who enjoyed it the most, devouring it with gusto. Woojin disclosed that the member enjoyed it so much, he licked all his fingers and the sauce even got on his shirt. In Woojin's own rendition, he bit on Minhyun's fingers to re-enact, sending fans i to roaring laughter.

The next stage was rather melancholic, where Daehwi and Seongwoo performed the song "Hourglass", which was created in collaboration with Heize, in a unit called "The Heal". The lyrics were inspired by the time that WANNA-ONE has with their fans before they have to say goodbye to their fans, WANNABLEs. Fans sang along to Heize's parts of the song, feeling the night with a bittersweet feeling.

The line, "Don't blame the time flowing. Even if time flows, we'll still be together", which showed up on screen, is a message that will definitely stick in WANNABLEs hearts.

"TRIPLE POSITION", another of WANNA-ONEs subunit containing members Daniel, Jaehwan and Woojin, performed to 'KANGAROO', a highly energetic song that kept everyone in a light mood, showing off a cute jumping choreography.

Keeping up the party mood, DJ HANKii, who is Jisung's DJ stage name, sent the entire stadium into a frenzy. Everyone pulsed on the same beat, where Daniel showed off his skill of B-boying. Sungwoon danced to a remix of 'We don't talk anymore' by Charlie Puth, and Kuanlin to 'Freaky Freaky' by Lil Dicky. The stage had to be activated by cheering, which was orchestrated through a WANNA-ONE secret lab VCR.

The rest of the members joined in afterwards, all clad in matching cute baseball-like uniforms, performing 'WANNA BE'. Daniel sure charmed everyone by sneaking in a cute "I Love You Singapore!" during the song. They went on to perform 'TWILIGHT', and then the iconic 'NAYANA', which had everyone dancing along to. 'NAYANA', also known as 'PICK ME', is the theme song of Produce 101 Season 2, the survival program that WANNA-ONE debuted from.

However, after this, the members sadly announced that the night was coming to an end. When asked by Woojin as to who wanted to stay the night with WANNA-ONE, everyone in the stadium raised their hands simultaneously, which Minhyun found cute. With that, Jisung introduced the last song, 'GOLD', where once again, Daniel showed off his charm, winning fans' hearts by whispering many "I love you"s and that he would never forget the WANNABLEs.

During encore, they performed 'Light' and fans swayed together as they started saying their goodbyes to the beloved group.

After which, the members each said their individual goodbyes. Daehwi told the fans that when they sang with the members during 'Always', it was "대박" or awesome!

Daniel also mentioned his desire to return to Singapore previously after their first fanmeeting, and he was glad to be able to do so. Woojin then stated that since he got to meet the Singapore WANNABLEs, he would be able to have a good sleep, while Seongwoo said that he thinks his ears will be numb until the next morning, praising how energetic the cheers were.

Kuanlin ended his ment sweetly with a Chinese message, saying "When we came back Singapore, I got to see how handsome the country is. So I believe that we'll indeed be back again.". He added in English, "Please remember us and we'll come back again!"

The members concluded that evening with 'I Promise You', or 'I.P.U' performance where they walked around the stage and interacted with fans.

Bowing thankfully for the fans for the final time, they also promised that they would be back again in Singapore sometime, whether individually or as a group.

Special thanks to ONE PRODUCTION for inviting to cover WANNA-ONE's 2nd Tour In Singapore.

Writer: Bel | Photo Credits: ONE Production

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