GOT7 Takes Fans On An Exhilarating Night At Their 'EYES ON YOU' Tour In Singapore

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Ahgases in Singapore were treated to a Special Saturday at the start of August when GOT7 returned for their World tour after close to 2 years. Performing to a sold-out crowd of 4,500 fans, it was needless to say that the 7 membered boy group definitely swept every one of their feet.

Matching up to the wild anticipation fans had, GOT7 hit off on a strong note with a title track from their previous Album, 'Turbulence', called 'Hard Carry'. They followed it up with fan favourites such as 'Skyway' and 'Out', which sent the fans roaring with delight!
An extremely pleasing set list which included songs like 'Paradise', 'Beggin Of My Knees', and 'If You Do' ensured GOT7 indeed hit a Home Run with the concert, leaving fans to walk away with yet another memorable night.

Friendly banters swept the stage throughout the talking segments, with the members playfully teasing each other about everything from what they liked, to split pants! Youngest member Yugyeom danced so hard he happened to split his pants just fifteen minutes into the show, which Bambam spilled the beans about. As the lead dancer of the group, his split pants showed the amount of power he executes in his moves.

A highlight of the night was when Bambam sent everyone into peals of laughter! Launching into cheesy lines such as declaring that he was drunk in love, and that he hurt himself falling for the fans, we're not surprised that many fans may be declaring Bambam as their favourite afterwards. Not only that, he flashed his cheeky side when he teased that the translator was late to the job, when she hilariously started translating only at the ending segments - but GOT7's competence at languages was probably the reason. Boasting a foreign line - which has Jackson, Mark and Bambam, the group is capable of conversations in not only Korean, but English, Chinese, Thai and even Cantonese.

Fans were also treated to an impressive array of solo and unit stages - 'King' by Jinyoung and Bambam, 'Think About It' by Jaebum, Mark and Youngjae, 'Any longer' by Yugyeom, 'Hunger' by Jackson and 'Phoenix', which both Yugyeom and Jackson had teamed up together to perform.

We were pushed to near tears when a VCR of the members was played. Bambam talked about a near life changing experience that could have happened. For those who did not hear about this, Bambam who hails from Thailand, had to go back to take part in a draw regarding his participation of the country's military service, which would have meant an absence from the group. Thankfully, he was able to come back to the group.

GOT7 wrapped up the concert beautifully with messages to the fans, which the Korean members did their best to communicate with the fans in English. They also performed a track Jinyoung wrote called 'Thank You', which was dedicated to the Ahgases.

Before the night came to an end, the members promised a fast return as a better group with better music. Jackson then teased that they will be working on a new album as soon as they are back in Korea. 

The Singapore show of the 'Eyes on You' is the second last stop of the twenty-one shows lined up for this tour. The group will be heading to Hong Kong on 24 August.  

Special thanks to ONE PRODUCTION for inviting to cover GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR 'EYES ON YOU' In SINGAPORE.

Writer: Bel | Photo Credits: ONE Production


1) Hard Carry

2) Skyway

3) Out

4) My Home

5) Paradise

6) Prove it

7) Hey

8) Fire work

9) Look

10) Beggin of my knees

11) Teenager

12) We are

13) Stop Stop It

14) Girls Girls Girls (Hip Hop Ver.)

15) If you do

16) My Reaction

17) Face

18) Dreamin'

19) You are

20) Never Ever

21) King

22) Think about it

23) Any longer

24) Hunger

25) Pheonix

26) Thank you

27) Look (remix)

28) Fly (remix)

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